The Future of Digital Marketing Is Social: A Quick Insight!

The Future of Digital Marketing Is Social: A Quick Insight!

Promoting a website or brand is all about strategy. No two brands are same, and the approach must be customized accordingly. When we talk of digital or online marketing, we are mostly referring to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), search engine marketing, social media marketing and online reputation management. Talk to one of the marketing and SEO services, and the experts will tell that all of these strategies are equally important. To be more precise, you cannot replace one for the other. However, the relevance of social media for digital strategy is increasing by the day, and this is the future.

Here is an insight and detailed overview

Staggering Numbers

More than three billion people in the world are now social media users, and the number is constantly increasing. In the last quarter of 2018, there were reports of how Facebook is looking at Instagram to earn most of its revenue. There are over 1.52 billion DAUs on Facebook, while monthly users numbered at 2.3 billion. In the first quarter of this year, Facebook made a staggering $14.9 billion from just ad revenue. As the number of users continues to surge on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, these platforms will continue to make money.

What does it Mean for Brands?

Without mincing words, it would be safe to say that brands cannot afford to ignore the power of social media marketing. While organic content and page communication with customers and clients will remain important, spending on ads is necessary. SEO and PPC will remain important for digital strategy, but social media will take precedence, primarily because of the numbers. Ads on Facebook and Instagram have a better chance of standing out, given that people are consuming content on these platforms on a regular basis. Of course, this also means spending a lot more on digital marketing, but if you check the budgets and overall expenses of known brands and companies, you will realize that social media has got the lion’s share.

Future of Digital Marketing

The ad-targeting capabilities of Facebook and other platforms must be recognized, and these social media sites continue to change, brands will have to adjust, revamp and think of how they spend on ads. Targeted spending on social media is critical.

Finding a Company for Social Media Marketing

Just knowing about the potential of social media and not acting on it would be criminal. In 2019, you can no longer simply spend on paid ads and be done with it. It has to be a more targeted and unique approach that works for your brand and products. Focus on visual and video ads will increase, and you will have to find a better way to spread content to the users who matter.

The best way to do that is to find a company that understands social media marketing and is well-versed with the local needs. For example, if yours is a Singaporean brand, you must hire an online marketing firm that knows the market and social media trends for Singapore. They should have real strategies to drive your campaign, and more importantly, they should work in a budget.

Creating a Mix

It is necessary to spend on social media with focus on SEO and PPC. Your digital strategy needs to be inclusive and based on trends, and with a reliable company at work, creating the right mix doesn’t have to be complicated.

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