LinkedIn In Comparison To Twitter And Facebook For Business

LinkedIn In Comparison To Twitter And Facebook For Business

LinkedIn is a social media network that is geared towards professionals and businesses. While this particular website has been around for several years, it is just now starting to pick up in popularity en masse. Because many more people are starting to use LinkedIn on a regular basis, your business should seek to utilize this social media network to help increase online sales.

Benefits of LinkedIn versus Facebook

LinkedIn provides a much different user experience for your visitors than Facebook, especially if you are a B2B business. While Facebook still has its place within your social media marketing campaign, LinkedIn can offer several benefits that Facebook cannot. I have assured in this, while running company's Facebook page. Sales for company I was running social media marketing campaign, were increased after using LinkedIn, not after engaging with people on Facebook (in fact, they were, but very little).

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One aspect where LinkedIn excels when matched up against Facebook is being able to connect with other business owners. If your company sells B2B products or services, you are probably constantly searching for ways to connect with other business owners. Creating a LinkedIn account will enable you to do just that as the social media website is full of other business owners who may be interested in the products or services you sell.

Benefits of LinkedIn versus Facebook

Benefits of LinkedIn versus Twitter

LinkedIn also has many benefits that Twitter, another social media giant, cannot match that many business owners do not realize. One of the biggest benefits LinkedIn offers that Twitter cannot is being able to engage your audience in a more in-depth way. Twitter limits the amount of content you can pots at a time, which often leads you to just posting links and hoping someone clicks on them to visit the content you are referencing. However, with LinkedIn, you can post more in-depth content to your account and provide your visitors with a much better user experience.

Also, LinkedIn makes it very easy to interact with others on the social media website and integrate all of your other popular social media accounts. Being able to add your Facebook and Twitter feeds to your LinkedIn account enables you to provide your followers with a one stop shop for all of your social media content.

Optimizing a LinkedIn Company Page

To get the most out of LinkedIn for your business, you need to create a company page. This is a small tutorial about how to create a LinkedIn company page.  Creating a company page will enable you to brand your page with your logo and provide much more detail about your business than a simple personal LinkedIn profile.

The most important tip you need to keep in mind when creating your LinkedIn company page is to fill out as much information as you can on your profile. Include your location, business hours, services and anything else you can think of in order to give your followers and visitors as much information as possible about your business. Since LinkedIn is such a popular website, it is very likely that your company profile page will appear in the search engine results when someone is searching for your business. Having a complete profile page will ensure that you provide those visitors with all of the information they need to know about your business after just one visit to your LinkedIn company page.

Also, as mentioned before, make sure to include your company logo on your profile page to help with branding. Social media is all about getting the word out about your business, and using your logo as often as possible is one of the best ways to do that.

Social media marketing is an excellent online marketing strategy that every business should utilize. LinkedIn is a growing social media website that is often overlooked by most businesses that are running social media marketing campaigns. LinkedIn offers several benefits that Facebook and Twitter cannot, which is why your organization needs to utilize this particular social media website to help increase online sales.

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    Hawaria Kasahun 


    Hi Ben
    I am a Green Arabica coffee supplier and I have LinkedIn account but how I can offer
    my product through online with the purchasers/buyers?
    thank you

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    I have an interesting expereince with facebook and linkedin for a B2B business I worked with. Our audience includes SME owners. Here’s the detailed version:

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    I’ve always liked LinkedIn as a social media outlet, and appreciated it from an employer and employee perspective. However, I’ve never considered it as a medium for social media marketing or of using it to build brand recognition or customer loyalty. Thanks to your article, in which you made a very persuasive argument, I now have a new appreciation for this excellent website.

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    I could see why LinkedIn would be better than Facebook. On Facebook, followers are too busy tending to their own status updates and playing games than tending to others. Twitter, it seems people just post an update here and there and then move on. I need to explore to benefits on LinkedIn more I suppose.

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    With this new business page option, I do believe that LinkedIn is poised to draw a much more targeted and active business audience than Facebook. This is excellent for the small business community.

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    I found a great book on using LinkedIn that I want to recommend, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success by Wayne Breitbarth. It’s a great read on the workings of LinkedIn, and how to make it work for you in every way you can. I don’t usually think I need someone else to teach me about social media, but this book really made a huge difference in my LinkedIn profile which has led to some really great things. Just throwing that out there for anyone looking to boost their LinkedIn profile.

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