How Healthcare Professionals Can Create Great Ads That Convert

How Healthcare Professionals Can Create Great Ads That Convert

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many small business owners have re-learned the high value of paid advertising on Facebook to promote and grow their businesses.

In 2020, the expected increase in the number of social network users was 150 million, and out of all the social media platforms, Facebook is projected to dominate global social networking until 2024. However, Facebook advertising can be highly competitive, and it is easy to fall behind your competitors. In this blog, we will be giving some pointers on how dentists and chiropractors can write paid ads that convert.

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1. Facebook Ads for Dentists That Convert

Dental practices big and small have faced a massive blow due to the pandemic since they require the patronage of in-person clients. A recent survey by the  2020 Dental Industry Association Of Canada mentions financial concerns in the dentist industry have increased from #4 in the 2019 survey to #1 in 2021.

However, dental marketing can help dental professionals optimize their appointment availability and scheduling, increase demand for new patients through campaigns and offer virtual aftercare services to ease the financial challenges faced by dental professionals.

Here are some simple tips to enhance your ads to achieve better results.

  • Ad Copy Text

One rule of thumb to remember is to keep ad copy text short and simple. Facebook recommends keeping primary text to 125 characters and headline text to 40 characters. Primary text can go over the limit, but only part of it will be displayed. If this happens, the most critical part of your ad description may get hidden, which can hinder the effectiveness of your ad.

The ad below has all the ingredients of an exceptional dental ad. The dental company is aware of its target audience and speaks to them directly by mentioning the ‘Best Dental Care for your entire family’. The description is short, crisp, and to the point, with a CTA at the end. Including value propositions in the ad copy text attracts more audiences and sets you apart from your competition.


  • Images

This is your chance to let your creativity flow and attract your target audience. Facebook enables you to choose from various options such as; images, stories, videos, slideshows, carousels, etc. Pick which option suits your goal and target audience the best, and let your creativity loose.

Regarding dental marketing, it is ideal to use images that show before and after pictures, photos of beautiful smiles, images of your staff, etc. The idea is to include positive images as much as possible because you don’t want to scare away your audience by showing unpleasant dental-related photos.

The image below shows solid proof of before and after results of proper dental care. This ad copy aims to attract new patients by offering them FREE service, and who doesn’t enjoy free stuff? Offering free products or services is a trick that works 100% of the time to entice new patients. It will at least stop people for a couple of seconds from scrolling ahead if they see the word FREE. It is a simple image with powerful text and imagery.


  • Audience Targeting

While setting up a campaign for your dental practices, you must determine your target audience. Your target audience is the people who are interested in the service you provide. If you want to have a successful campaign that attracts the right audience, this is the place.

Facebook offers advanced targeting options such as demographics, choosing from the kind of pages they follow and the interests they show, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and many more.

If a dentist is looking to accept new patients, the campaign can target people who have ‘Recently Moved.’ People who have moved recently will be on the lookout for a new Dentist, and the campaign can focus on curating ads that target those particular people.

Pro tip: Always turn the Detailed Targeting Option ON as it allows you to cast a wider net with your audience.

2. Facebook Ads for Chiropractors That Convert

Even for the best Chiropractors in the world, having an effective digital marketing strategy is essential for their success. Digital marketing ads on Facebook allow chiropractors to reach audiences they can’t capture with advertising on conventional marketing platforms.

Let’s dive deeper into understanding how to create ads for chiropractors that convert.

  • Ad Copy Text

The rule with Facebook ads is to always keep the text as short and straightforward as possible. However, one extremely vital point to keep in mind is to avoid using personal attributes in your chiropractic Facebook Ads. Don’t use questions like ‘Is Your Back Hurting?’ because this type of wording will get your chiropractic Facebook ads rejected.

The best practice for copy is to include your business’ value propositions in your text and keep the text informational to avoid violating any of Facebook's Ad policies. Don’t forget: always add a CTA at the end of your text to prompt some action from the audience.

Whenever possible, arouse curiosity or tap into the buyers’ emotions. This strategy ensures the target audience is clicking on your ads to know more about the services offered by your chiropractic clinic.

The image below has all the ingredients of compelling ad copy that converts. Although the ad has a lengthy description, it is informative and offers some knowledge about the service.


  • Images

As repetitive as it sounds, your images MUST BE of high definition resolution. In addition, the image used must be cohesive with the message of the ad and evoke the right emotions in your audience. Good photos often include colours that pop and that contrast nicely with most other colours, or soothing colours to match the emotion of the message.

As a chiropractor, you want to use images that reflect you, your personality, and the services you offer to your patients. Below, the ad image consists of everything that a great ad image should include to ensure the target audience converts. By using human faces, it incorporates empathy and humanity in its marketing. The focus on personalization increases its attractiveness and allows the audience to connect with the ad on a deeper level.


  • Audience Targeting

Even the best chiropractic Facebooks Ads will fail to perform if they’re targeting the wrong audiences. To be successful, it is essential not to focus too much on a particular age group or gender. Instead, optimize the use of zip codes to generate more conversions for your Chiropractic Clinic. Target your audience within the 10-15 mile radius of your location for best results.

Also make sure to select audiences wisely from the options given by Facebook (see the image below) because you don’t want the audience reach to be too broad nor too small.


In Conclusion

With its vast potential to reach a large audience, Facebook is strategically the most effective option for your digital marketing ad campaign.

Facebook’s intricate algorithm that understands your target audience ensures you get value out of every dollar you spend for Facebook marketing. The magic formula, as noted above, is to pay extra attention to your ad text, images, and targeting. Getting these three things right will produce the desired performance results and conversions.

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