How Business and Organizations can Leverage Twitter [Guide]

How Business and Organizations can Leverage Twitter [Guide]

How Business and Organizations can Leverage Twitter [Guide]What you are about to read is critical to the health and growth of your business. It is about leveraging Twitter for your business or organization right now. I know you’ve probably heard it over and over, but for some reason you are still sitting on the fence. Even if you are now a believer, you may have discovered some very frustrating aspects of marketing your business with Twitter. For the small part of the population that have actually figured out the groove for their business on Twitter, congratulations. For the majority of us, I have written a guide to help you understand how a Twitter presence can compliment your business.

How to Market Your Business Effectively on Twitter

There is a good reason why almost 50% of the businesses in the world chose Twitter for marketing in 2010. In 2009, only 3% of global business thought of Twitter as a marketing instrument (thinking it’s only for kids). Twitter has fewer rules than other social networks like Facebook or YouTube. On Twitter it’s easier to interact with others, form relationships, friendships and less of a time vampire than Facebook. You’ll notice people compare Facebook to Twitter frequently. It’s because they are the two favourite social networks in the world as chosen by business marketers. Facebook has a larger population than Twitter. Consequently, some marketers think Facebook is the best network to market your business with. To each their own! My choice is Twitter for business marketing, hands down. It’s faster, great for business, less CPU intense, easier to use, poke free, annoying chat free and just plain old #Kewl (no offence to my friends on Facebook).

Twitter Isn’t Just for Kids, it’s Also for Business

For those business owners that still don’t understand social media I am going to try and help you discover how Twitter can work for your business, organization or group. This guide is not intended to be referenced by individuals that use Twitter for personal reasons. It’s dedicated to all business owners that are still saying “Twitter is for kids.” Please, let your guard down while I give you some ideas that could possibly change the way you do business. It’s going to take me a few articles, but I guarantee you will gain some new found wisdom because it’s taken us 4 years to learn what I am about to share with you.

Guide to Twitter Marketing for Your Business Topics

  • Twitter for business marketing index page
  • How to use Twitter for your business, organization , municipality, counsel or non-profit group
  • What are followers and how do I get them?
  • Posting interesting tweets instead of junk nobody cares for
  • The art of getting retweeted and what it means
  • Regular tweets & cool interactions vs. no conversation
  • How and why to say thank you
  • Using Twitter's simple search to crack nuts

It’s really up to you whether social media is included in your marketing arsenal. Social networking is no longer a fad, it’s reality and it ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you think you are missing out, there’s only one way to find out… jump aboard the Twitter tree and start Tweeting. It’s the number one choice for online business marketing and communication.

Hopefully this guide helps your business entity connect to more people that want to learn more about your message, product, or service.

How to Use Twitter for your Business, Municipality or Organization

How to Use Twitter for your Business, Municipality or Organization

I remind you, Twitter is a favourite for global businesses now because it is simple to use with (almost) no restrictions other than the 140 character limit. If something you say on Twitter is distasteful you’ll have the Twitter nation to answer to. Rarely does Twitter management get involved with what people on Twitter talk about. The question that must overshadow the fence sitters is…

“How does it work and how can I use Twitter to connect with customers, prospects or audience?”

In the next few articles I will offer some social media pointers from years of learning what to do and not to do. It will focus on how businesses, municipalities and other organizations can leverage Twitter as a valuable communication tool.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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