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5 Engaging Competitions And Contests For Your Website

Social Media Marketing December 3rd, 2012


Everyone loves getting something for nothing, and everyone loves having fun – there’s no creative genius involved there. The sad thing is that all too often in online marketing it seems like we’ve forgotten that the two can be linked.

In a world of ‘like this page to win a prize’ and ‘tweet this comment for a chance to win’ the science of digital marketing is beginning to feel fairly bland. The good news about this though is that anyone who puts a little bit more effort into their competitions is practically guaranteed to attract some attention – so here’s a few of my favourite ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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The website treasure hunt

This is quite possibly my favourite idea because it really evokes a sense of childhood in us. Hide a number of clues of varying difficulty around your website and advertise that the first (insert appropriate number of people for your business here) to find them all will win prizes.

The great thing about this idea is that it gives you completely free reign to direct viewers wherever you like on your website; think you’ve got a new product which will sell like mad if it gets enough exposure? Put a clue on the product page.

People love their pets

Everyone loves their pet, and most people just generally like looking at cute animals. With that in mind, produce an event which incorporates your target audience’s animals; I once created a ‘pets in specs’ competition for a glasses company which asked entrants to supply a picture of their pet wearing a pair of sunglasses.

The secret word competition

Similar in some respects to the treasure hunt, advertise some clues to a ‘secret word’ around your website/social media outlets and offer that the first few people to write in with the correct word will win a prize.

The great thing about this is that it allows you to easily create synergy between your website/facebook/twitter page and any other medias you use to advertise, which results in a higher footfall and degree of exposure.

The photo caption

Provide a photograph (generally either one of your products or one which is entirely random and bizarre) and ask for entrants to provide an entertaining/ clever caption in return for the chance to win a prize.

This one’s nice because it’s genuinely fun to judge as well as enter.

Come see us

What better form of exposure than really meeting your fans in person? Advertise a time and a place to meet members of your business/website and offer small gifts for coming. Try to put on a fun game like capture the flag for those who come.

What contest strategies do you use? Share your contest success stories in the comments below!

Post By Rob (1 Posts)

Rob writes about online marketing strategies for Vision Media – a leading digital marketing agency.


Rob writes about online marketing strategies for Vision Media – a leading digital marketing agency.
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5 Engaging Competitions And Contests For Your Website

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