18 Ways to Increase Your Followers on LinkedIn

18 Ways to Increase Your Followers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides a platform for people to network with other professionals. The advantage of using LinkedIn is getting connected to different types of people, from your industry peers to the chief executive of top businesses. 

The more you interact and participate on LinkedIn, the more opportunities you have to grow your connections and followers. Growing your profile or business page gives you credibility and helps build trust with your audience.

Growing your followers on LinkedIn is one of the most difficult tasks. Here are 16 ways that can help you improve the number of followers on LinkedIn and make the most of the platform.

18 Strategies to Boost Your Followers on LinkedIn

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile or Page

The first step when creating a LinkedIn account is to optimize your Linkedin profile. For that, you need to add a clear photograph of yourself, add a cover image and fill in some text about yourself. Make sure it's complete and exciting to look at. 

If you’re optimizing your personal profile, list keywords around your skill sets and experience. Similarly, if you’re optimizing a business page, include information about your services and products. This information will help users find you.

With a complete profile, you’re allowing anyone who visits your profile to learn more about you and your business and decide whether they want to follow the account.

An optimized LinkedIn page or profile gives the best first impression!

Source: TechWyse on LinkedIn

2. Connect with People You Know

Initially, your profile or company page will have zero connections when you start on LinkedIn.

For personal profiles, the first thing you need to do is connect with people you know, like family members, friends, colleagues (new and old), and associates. Whenever you remember someone — it could be an old friend or a family member — find them on LinkedIn and send them a connection request!

3. Ensure Your Staff is on LinkedIn and Get Them to Follow

This seems so obvious, but you’d be surprised how often you’ll find people within the company not following. Sure, they may not use LinkedIn as often, but that’s no excuse for them not to be following you. You can do this by sending out an email or mandating it at a staff meeting.

You’d be surprised, but there are a lot of LinkedIn hold-outs. The benefit of having everyone on the platform is that it accurately depicts the size of your company, and a link to your company’s page will appear right on their profile.

Plus, Page Admins also have the ability to invite their connections to follow the page.

4. Ask People to Follow on Your Company Newsletter

Have a company newsletter? You’re in luck. A newsletter is a perfect place to include a call-to-action that will entice people to follow your company on LinkedIn.

5. Post Job Openings

Every time we post a job opening on LinkedIn, we notice that our numbers surge. It makes sense, right? Applicants want to demonstrate their interest in the company and stay abreast of your company’s updates in the future. Plus, job openings appear in relevant applicants' feeds, getting more eyes on your page.

6. Share Content Consistently

Are you producing content? You should be! Without it, you’re going to have a tough time attracting people to follow your page. Publishing quality content regularly will retain your followers’ interest and ultimately attract new followers.

This doesn’t mean writing a blog every day. Still, it does mean posting regular updates and sharing interesting, relevant articles with your audience. Text posts sharing your knowledge and your experiences is a great yet simple way to keep your page active.

Maintain a constant flow of fresh content and interesting topics on your LinkedIn profile or company page. It will be more appealing to possible followers, helping you quickly build up momentum. 

7. Write and Publish LinkedIn Articles

Also known as LinkedIn Publishing, this involves sharing articles on LinkedIn directly. LinkedIn Publishing is a great way to republish your blog posts, allowing you to build your authority on social media and serve content to your audience where they are.

8. Share Photos on LinkedIn

Sharing photos with your LinkedIn audience is great for engagement and reach. Plus, the algorithm likes it too! 

Here are a few ideas that you can share:

  • Share achievements
  • Share something you're happy about
  • Share behind the scenes or a sneak-peek

Most people will engage with your photo if you share something exciting or inspiring. The more people that interact with it, the more reach it’ll receive — as interactions appear on a user's feed — the more likely others will check out your content and page!

This is because they are curious to learn more about you, and in return, you can grow your audience.

Source: TechWyse on LinkedIn

9. Create and publish videos on LinkedIn

Publishing videos directly on LinkedIn is preferred to sharing content from other platforms, like YouTube.

To quickly grow an audience on LinkedIn, try creating and sharing educational video content, entertaining life lessons and quick wins, or a how-to video. If your video content on LinkedIn provides entertainment or value to viewers, they’re more likely to follow you for more or share with their own audience.

Don’t forget to ensure that your LinkedIn videos have subtitles, as this makes your video content more accessible.

10. Livestream on LinkedIn

Livestreaming on LinkedIn is another video format option available. This means you can “go live” and share content with your audience instantly. You can utilize this feature to share fascinating insights, stream a conference or share behind the scenes from an event.

It's an excellent way to connect with your audience in real-time, especially on timely topics and events.

11. Share Documents on LinkedIn

Did you know that you can share various types of documents on LinkedIn?

You can share:

  • Word documents
  • Worksheets
  • PDF documents
  • PowerPoint presentations

With documents, you're providing your audience with another form of content to devour.

At TechWyse, one format of documents we like to share is PDFs, designed in a similar format to Instagram Carousels. This allows our audience to swipe through and hopefully gain some nuggets of information in the process.

If your documents' quality is good, the people who follow you may share the content and thus, boost your reach and increase your following!

Source: TechWyse on LinkedIn

12. Use Hashtags on Every Post

Use LinkedIn hashtags related to your industry and the content you’re posting. Using hashtags will help you to boost your posts organically.

You can discover what hashtags LinkedIn users are using by searching for hashtags. Also, check out the “People also searched for” section at the bottom of the results page to see variations of what LinkedIn users are looking for.

13. Add a Call-to-Action to all Posts

You have to ask people to take action in your social media posts, photo posts, document posts, video posts, etc. Give users a reason why they need to follow you, visit your page or check out your website.

14. Participate in the Right LinkedIn Groups

Another effective way to highlight and draw more followers is by joining LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are a great way to share your company’s content with a wider audience. 

Posting to LinkedIn Groups is easy. You can start discussions or contribute to others that members have initiated or simply click the share button on your content and select post to groups. Many group members elect to have updates sent directly to their inbox; this is a fantastic way to get exposure and boost the number of followers for your company.

15. Add the LinkedIn "Follow" Button to your Website

On your website and blog, add a LinkedIn "Follow" button that will make it easier for people to follow you on LinkedIn or share your content.

Preferably, add this follow button to your website's footer, which will repeat your website's pages. Adding it at the top of the page script is not recommended as it will affect loading speed. 

Another option is to add a LinkedIn share button to your blog posts, making it easy for readers to share your content with their LinkedIn connections. This is something we have on the TechWyse blog!

16. Cross-Promote on Other Social Media Platforms

There is no reason why you cannot share your Linkedin Page on your other social channels. You can request your Twitter followers or Facebook fans to follow your LinkedIn Page. 

For example, to encourage your audience to head over to your LinkedIn Page, you can tell them about an exceptional resource that you shared on LinkedIn. Add an attractive call-to-action and provide your followers with the link. This can boost your LinkedIn followers.

17. Refresh your LinkedIn Profile Regularly

Keeping your LinkedIn up-to-date is a no-brainer. Every time you change jobs or your company has a new achievement, add this to your LinkedIn profile. 

If users think you’re active on the platform, it is much more likely that they decide to follow you.

18. Don’t Forget to Check LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics gives you valuable data about how your company is performing. It will give you stats like Page Views, Unique Visitors, Page Clicks and post engagement. But it doesn’t end there. LinkedIn gives you tons of valuable data about visitor demographics, including visitor seniority, industry, function, region, company size and more.

Utilize this information to evaluate how your content page is performing. What is working? What isn’t? Analytics allows you to make data-driven decisions.

Next Steps

These 18 strategies are a great way to boost your presence on LinkedIn and, ultimately, increase your followers.

More followers = increased visibility, and when you have visibility, you will:

  • Attract top-quality talent
  • Attract new business
  • Improve company perception
  • Build your brand

And so much more. I hope this guide serves you well, and please feel free to share it on LinkedIn! 

Do you need support with your business LinkedIn strategy? The TechWyse social media team is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business. 


It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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