Why Content Marketing and SEO Go Hand In Hand

Why Content Marketing and SEO Go Hand in Hand

SEO sits in the office chair and yells, “Create more relevant content!”, and Content Marketing responds. “Don’t’ worry, already on it!”. SEO is like the executive that makes demands and content marketing is like an efficient worker, fulfilling those demands to utmost precision.

In a Venn diagram, you will see these two concepts overlapping each other and sharing a great common portion. Any new idea presented by a marketer is solely based on the excellent execution of both SEO and Content Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a site’s rating and increasing its visibility when searching for a service or a product related to a brand. Increased visibility translates into more users and more attention. It helps you attract prospective leads and garnering the attention of customers.

Content Marketing, on the other hand, is a marketing strategy designed to attract, engage, and retain customers by creating relevant content in form of articles, blog posts, videos, and other media. This approach promotes brand awareness, establishes convincing expertise, and keeps your brand top of the consumer’s mind when it is time for them to make a purchase.

Content Marketing & SEO – A Directly Proportional Relationship

SEO and Content Marketing complement each other very well, and marketers who incorporate both these strategies have the power to unlock the full potential of digital marketing.

Now you might be a little confused after reading these two terms in the same sentence, but these compatible strategies can produce the scalable results your business desires. To extract the most out of your digital marketing efforts, you must leverage a robust SEO approach alongside a content marketing strategy.

Fresh content is an integral aspect of SEO as Google favours and recognizes this content, moving it higher up on the SERP.

So, putting out new content that is packed with organic keywords gives a massive boost to your results. If you strategically use these two systems in conjunction, you can put the content the audience is looking for in a silver platter, right in front of them.

Create the right balance of content marketing and SEO; find the perfect ratio of keywords to content.

How Do They Work Together?

  • Content marketing provides content that SEO requires.
  • Content Marketing includes relevant backlines used by quality SEO.
  • Content Marketing mandates consistency and SEO demands consistent output.
  • SEO relies on keywords; Content Marketing is based on keywords.
  • SEO lays down the foundational requirements for content and content marketing adheres to those requirements.

Creating an Exceptional User Experience

The key to a brilliant user experience is twofold; smart use of organic keywords and effective content marketing. Customers are drowning in an ocean of information when they hop on the internet.

But, through the magic of SEO and accurately relevant content marketing, your website page is filtered out and presented to the customer. If you fail to integrate SEO into content marketing, you can very well anticipate the doom of your marketing campaign.

Make it easier for customers to find you, let your page be on their eye level when they search for a query, never miss their sight, and let your compelling content do the talking. This is how you weave an exceptional user experience. Make your content searchable and more easily accessible for your users. Do not let them do all the hard work!

You have to lead the website visitors down the conversion funnel, so you cannot build a complex maze for them to follow. Content is pertinent in improving user experience; valuable content captivates users and encourages them to engage with your brand.

An optimized web page will inevitably drive a lot of traffic your way and will increase your website’s credibility, whilst building a loyal customer base.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

“SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media.” (Source: BrightEdge, 2019).

This statistic is a testament to the wonders of SEO and how transformative its powers are. To improve your site’s performance, it is essential that you incorporate SEO strategies and integrate them with your content marketing approach. Together they will unleash the maximum potential of your business.

Importance of Content Marketing & SEO for Business Owners

It’s definitely not a good time for all the tech-resistant company owners to be in business, as digital marketing is taking over the business market and the two fundamental drivers of digital marketing are SEO and Content Marketing.

“Conversion rates for content marketing adopters are nearly 6x higher than for non-adopters.”

(Source: Aberdeen)

Content Marketing and SEO go hand in hand to fuel your online business’s growth. Embedding quality target keywords is essential to earn a respectable rank and boost organic traffic.

Technical optimization via tactful use of content marketing and SEO makes websites more appealing to the search engines and this process ensures that this site has no error codes. SEO is an umbrella term involving backlinks and keywords, enhancement of metadata, and appropriate use of tags.

Correct tag, a good sitemap, and balanced use of keywords contribute to the success of SEO services. This not only creates a great user experience but makes searching a fun task for the user.

Connecting links with high domain authority sites create stellar content and invite an influx of traffic, generate promising leads, and promotes thought leadership.

Content Marketing and SEO are not disparate systems, rather they are the same key to ultimate business success.

A Final Word

Combining SEO and Content Marketing is a winning strategy, but it is no longer a choice to improve your marketing campaign. This approach is vital to the growth of your business and the credible establishment of your brand.

Implementing pivotal features like keyword search, introducing backlinks, and creating high-quality content- is only possible through a dedicated and carefully curated content marketing strategy. Thread these vital elements and digital marketing together and create a statement marketing approach that optimizes your efforts, enhances your online presence, and leads to boundless success!

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