This Week: Google’s “Speed Update”, WhatsApp Business, and Website Redesign

This Week: Google’s “Speed Update”, WhatsApp Business, and Website Redesign

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This week in internet marketing, we’re covering Google’s “Speed Update” and what it means for mobile SEO, the launch of WhatsApp for businesses, and how to avoid the pitfalls of a website redesign. We also look at ways to improve your e-commerce success and how to take a publisher’s approach to your content.

What does Google's  "Speed Update" Mean for Mobile?

Website loading speed

Google recently announced that starting July 2018, page speed will officially be a ranking factor for mobile searches. Only sites that have the slowest speed will be impacted, however, Google has not yet set a benchmark. As site owners look to improve speed, “Speed Update” will likely impact the use experience. As Rebecca Sentance states, “a mobile website should enable users to efficiently accomplish what they came there to do, without being bogged down by unnecessary bells and whistles. If you achieve this, you should be able to stay on the right side of the Speed Update algorithm both in terms of page performance and in terms of mobile experience.”

WhatsApp Targets Small Businesses with New App for Better Communication


WhatsApp, the wildly popular cross-platform mobile messaging app, is launching a new app aimed at businesses. As the number of WhatsApp users communicating with businesses continues to grow, WhatsApp Business will aim to improve the ease of use for companies to be able to handle a large volume of messages on a daily basis. The app will allow a business to create an official presence on the app and easily respond to customers by separating personal and customer messages. Businesses can create automated messages, frequently used replies, and obtain metrics too.

How to Stop Acting Like a Marketer and Start Acting Like a Publisher


Marcia Reifer Johnston makes a strong case for adopting the business model of a media organization and how to make the switch, much like iQ by Intel has. By shifting the mindset from that of a marketer to a publisher, focusing on influencing and retaining an audience, you can build up a loyal base. Changes like insourcing your content, choosing the right stories to influence and impact, playing the long game (instead of short-term campaigns), and by treating your content as a product itself having value, you can begin to implement a publisher approach to your strategy.

Website Redesigns: How to Retain and Improve your SEO

Website Redesign

A new website should be an opportunity to improve your ranking and traffic, and digital marketing too. Unfortunately, if the right steps aren’t taken to ensure a smooth transition from old website to new, you can do more harm than good to your SEO equity you have worked hard to build over the years. Marcus Miller covers how to successfully launch a redesign without compromising your SEO. Best practices such as knowing what works on the current site, understanding what can be improved, preplanning, redirecting old URLS, and carefully monitoring results can all help a business avoid a redesign/SEO disaster.

8 Marketing Tips to Boost your E-Commerce Success


In a highly competitive e-commerce space, it’s a challenge for online retailers to grow sales and boost traffic. To stay front and center, Ashley Ward suggests that companies implement well-targeted paid ads. Businesses should be using triggers and attracting customers by appealing to their emotions, and strengthening their message with key words and phrases. Creating valued benefits (“price guarantee” or “free shipping”) and a sense of urgency (“shop now” or “today”), not only attract a shopper’s attention but compel them to act as well.

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