Use Google+ Local For Business To Get New Customers

Use Google+ Local For Business To Get New Customers

Local search is not becoming the predominating method for providing search results. It is the dominating method for providing search results. The current platform that combines both local search and customer reviews in Google+ Local. This combination makes Google+ Local a very powerful resource for small businesses. Even though it must be well known at this point that optimizing your Google+ Local page is important; nonetheless, many small businesses still do not take advantage of the opportunities available through Google+ Local.

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How to Use Google+ Local to Get New Customers

Increase Your Visibility Through Google+ Local

40 percent of mobile searches and 20 percent of standard Google searches have a local intent in mind. 97 percent of consumer searches are targeted to local businesses. With those numbers, it is easy to understand the importance for small businesses to take advantage of local search in the best way they can.

Google Universal Search

When a search on Google includes cues that trigger its local search algorithm, then the SERPs will include Google+ Local pages in the results. These results appear in what is called the “7-pack”. The “7-pack” of local results appear in an allocated space on the first page of Google search engine results. By optimizing your Google+ Local page, your can take advantage of the prime real estate allocated on the first page of Google SERPs for local business listings.

Why Reviews Are Important

Once your Google+ Local page is complete and optimized, seek to acquire positive reviews. Reviews convert into increased visibility and from this you can gain new business. Positive reviews listed on your Google+ Local page are extremely effective at converting searchers into customers. Consumers are much more likely to become customers based on the testimonials provided by customers. This is a fact!

Now that you understand the power of using reviews on your Google+ Local to help you convert visitors to customers, do the work necessary to convince customers to leave reviews for you on your Google Plus page. As a side note, make sure to respond to your reviews, whether positive or negative. It only adds to the experience for future potential customers. Always respond in a positive way, regardless of the type of review that is left by the customer.

Ask local marketing experts, and they will tell you that local search results are nothing to ignore. They are important, relevant, and here to stay. Take advantage of the opportunity presented to you through Google's listing service. Encourage and incentivize your customers to leave reviews. An optimized Google+ page for Business will help improve your visibility by placing you into the first page of Google SERPs.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Thank you for explaining the connection between the “7-pack” and Google+ page reviews. It was a bit of a mystery how Google determined which profiles to include in their search results.

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