7 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying SEO Rank

7 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying SEO Rank

Whether your website is new to the internet or it has been around for a long time, you will always want more people to check in. Since you own a site, you are probably familiar with the concept of SEO or Search engine optimization. It is defined as"the process of affecting the visibility of a  web page or a website in a search engine's unpaid results".


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However, the task of optimizing your site for search engines faces several SEO problems, including threats from the black hats or unethical hackers. So, what could be the best methods to optimize your site for search engines and avoid usual SEO problems? Which is more effective in solving SEO problems? Is it backlinks, meta tags, or paid results? Do white hat SEOs actually work or should you employ black hat? I have analyzed the search engine optimization ranks in 2014 and come to some very interesting conclusions.

If you analyze the search engine optimization ranking stats conducted by any online agency, you will learn that there are many correlations and patterns. However, it can be troublesome to look through all the stats and details, so I'm going to share the seven most relevant ones.


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1. Promoting Organic is Healthy!

Much of the statistics confirmed that the users tend to click on organic search results. In fact, 70% of users prefer organic results compared to a mere 30% who consider paid links. Paid advertising is still a great tactic, but you should definitely combine it with organic efforts as well.

2. Keeping Your Quality in Control

The quality of your blog and the way your business is optimized online has a great role to play in determining the amount of users search engines send you. According to search metrics, better technical performance has shown significantly greater ranking owing to many factors like smooth transition through pages, shorter loading times, and meta tags etc.

3. Backlinking is Pushing You Forward

Statistics has unanimously shown that having more backlinks and crosslinks is more likely to increase the ranking of your site on search engines. If you've ever used SEO strategies for your site, you probably know about the concept of backlinking and its effectiveness. However, according to the 2014 report for SEOs prepared by searchmetrics (shown above), an increase in the number of backlinks is the second most successful search engine optimization tactic after using keywords. Proper and generous use of keywords is something a blogger would do anyway, having a good backlink profile can help increase your SEO ranking.

4. Maintaining Your Friends and Social Media Closer

In the last few years, the impact of social media links on search rankings has doubled. You are probably aware of how a greater number of inbound links increases your rank on the search result roster. This is one of the major reasons why most sites and blogs provide users' options to directly share their contents via different social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and so on. Easier access leads to more shares; more shares lead to more inbound links, which ultimately leads to better search engine optimization.

5. Blogging More, Reaching More

It`s clear that sites that blog rank are much greater on the table. According to stats, blogs get a whopping 434% more indexed pages compared to others. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep adding something new to your site. Since blogging increases both crosslinks and backlinks, you know you can't go wrong with this. Another factor that comes to play here is that the spiders and crawlers of the search engines also consider how often you update and add content to determine your place in the results. Even if you do not plan to have a blog, keep your content fresh and update it regularly, because novelty opens the gate of the Search engine optimization game.

6. Higher Ranking = More Marketing


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More than 90% of web usage starts with a search engine, according to the Arek Estall blog. It also adds that 44% of online shopping beginning with a web search and about 61% of users do research on products before buying them. This makes search engines and the internet a massive factor for your business' success so taking the business online is always a good idea, while ensuring that your products have mostly positive reviews.

7. Rising mobile SEO

There has been a steep rise in the number of mobile phone users across the world. They have replaced the computers for many tasks, including web browsing and so it is imperative to use mobile SEO for overall site success.

Trends in Search engine optimization keep changing from time to time to solve SEO problems and keep posted. You need to keep updating your tactics to stay on top of the game. For now, keep these seven points in mind and watch your site prosper.

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    You present some nice statistics here, which will help me motivate my small business clients to invest more in their online presence. I have had difficulty in the past trying to show clients how important it is to maintain fresh content on their websites. My workaround for this will be suggesting a blog which will need to be updated weekly and offering a few topics to get them started. The 434% more indexed pages will be a huge motivator to show how important fresh content can be in their rankings.
    I wholeheartedly agree with quality control. If you don’t have a quality website, people will think your product or service is sub-par too. This is similar to a brick and mortar business. A store needs to be clean, eye appealing and organized so customers can find items they want to buy.

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