Top SEO-Friendly Writing Tips to Get Higher Rankings in Google

Top SEO-Friendly Writing Tips to Get Higher Rankings in Google

Good content writing fine-tuned with search engine optimization is a prerequisite for a higher ranking in Google. If you are into blogging or any kind of content creation, you must know some top SEO-friendly writing tips. 

These tips will not only kick start your writing career but also sustain your growth amongst the never-ending content influx. You should bear in mind that any type of content creation has some intent behind it. Therefore, you are not writing for the sake of writing. 

Instead, you want to accrue some important benefits. Essentially, you want to do brand awareness, increase sales, and build an audience through your content. But you cannot improve your business with blogging alone. To obtain all the above-mentioned benefits, you have to adopt SEO techniques because they take care of your Google ranking. 

The more optimized your content is the higher is its ranking.

Before diving into the topic let’s understand the concept of search engine optimization.

What does SEO mean?

Search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is a combination of two words search engine and optimization.

Optimization generally means the process of making something better. Similarly, a search engine is a tool that performs searches on a massive database and finds out the most relevant information against the keywords your enter.

Together, it is defined as the process of making your web pages searchable for related keywords by improving their search ranking. It involves a lot of on-page and off-page techniques. There is a rule of thumb that any website that appears on the top page has SEO-friendly writing in it. 

Such a website is optimized to appear on the first page when someone searches for related content on Google. SEO-friendly writing is the one that fulfills the demands of the search engine as well as the reader.

Readers are searching for a query as they need a perfect answer for their question. However, Google has its own ranking factors. So, your writing should meet the criteria of both the reader and the search engine.

Before embarking on this journey, you should know the search engine ranking factors first.

Know the ranking factors:

Ranking factors are the factors that Google uses to rank your content in SERPs. In reality, it is Google’s secret recipe and only Google knows what are its ranking factors.  But we have understood some of them through trial and error and evidence. The most trivial ranking factors are relevancy, quality, keywords relation, imagery, and link building.

It is, however, important to know how to use these factors through writing tips to generate higher traffic.

Use the right keywords:

The foremost part of SEO writing is choosing the right keywords for your content. Keywords are short terms or words that people often search on the internet. So, using the right keywords means, you are providing search breadth to your content.

If your content is relevant to the keywords, it is bound to appear on the search results. You can do proper keywords research to find out the best ones for your content. There are different methods to do keyword research. 

You can use common methods like using search suggestions and people also search for questions to know the versatility of your content. In this way, you will get ideas of what people are searching for on Google. Here, your keyword was “keyword research” and you got valuable suggestions related to it. Likewise, you can use “people also ask” questions to get an overview of your requested keyword.

For proper keyword searching, you should use an online tool. There are so many online tools like Ahrefs, Ubbersuggest, Google keyword planner, etc. You can get your desired keywords through Google keyword planner. Use high search volume keywords to rank on the top page.

Use keywords in Title and headings:

After keyword research, you will get a bunch of keywords. Use them on title and headings. It is best SEO practice to add keywords in titles because your title defines the intent of your writing. 

Moreover, search engine easily understands what your blog post is about.

Use keywords in headings and across your text:

SEO experts often entail the importance of adding keywords in the headings. One the reason behind it is, webpages are written in HTML, and it has H1 and H2 tags to show headings. These heading tags also show the importance of text therefore, you should use keywords in headings.

You should use keywords throughout the text depending upon your choice. But keep one thing in mind, your keyword use should be natural. 

Optimize your content to obtain featured snippets:

Google featured snippet is a straight-away answer box that gives the best answer concisely. It may include lists, paragraphs, or questions. You should optimize your content in such a way as to get the snippet position. However, to reach that goal, you have to be in the top 10 positions first.

Reaching the top page requires patience, effort, and a few tips to perform. 

Write in an understandable tone:

The more readable your content is, the more traffic it gets. It is a simple formula, no matter how informative the content is, people, don’t spend much time on a website having complicated language. So, you have to facilitate your readers with your writing skills as children and teenagers will also read your content. 

That said, you can use complex jargon if your audience is limited to a specific profession like you are selling high-tech equipment. 

Give a summary in the introduction:

Powerful and enticing words are a must for your blog introduction. They not only grab the attention of the readers but also keep them engaged. 

Nevertheless, a summary creates a good impression on your reader, as it helps them you know the crux of your article without much effort. 

Therefore, they read the content thoroughly after knowing that your blog contains the information they need.

Write unique content:

You should write unique content because it provides value to the readers. In addition, Google gives guidelines to write exceptional content. 

So, it is strongly recommended to use a plagiarism checker to find any duplicate content. However, if your content contains plagiarism, you should immediately remove it before uploading it.

If you publish copied content, it can decrease your ranking on Google. Therefore it is better to rephrase your content manually or use a reliable paraphrasing tool to make it unique.

Prioritize link building:

Linking with other sites and with your own pages is one of the best SEO techniques to improve ranking. Linking makes your content resonate with other’s and moreover, it helps google reference your content with different websites.

Linking to your own web pages is called internal linking and it provides increased traffic when someone lands your content and clicks on the links. The best example of internal linking is the Wikipedia page.

Likewise, Acquiring backlinks for high-domain authority websites skyrocket your Google ranking. It provides veracity to your content and improves your credibility in the eyes of readers as well as Google.

However, there is a catch, you should know the domain authority of the website before linking to it. Because sometimes bad links may decrease your ranking. Therefore it is better to check domain authority by a DA PA checker.


There isn’t any fixed set of techniques to do SEO-friendly writing. But, you can adopt a tailor-made approach to see what suits you the best. To increase your website ranking, you may use different techniques or may develop your own formula like the skyscraper method. The best technique lies in a combination of the above-given tips to increase ranking. 

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