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SEO Components Your Blog Should Have

Search Engine Optimization November 2nd, 2012


If you’re an avid blogger, you’re likely already familiar with the wonderful world of SEO. When you’re crafting your posts and putting together your page though, are you aware of the specific ways in which you should use SEO? Read on to find out how to better employ SEO strategies in your blog.

In Titles

Be sure to use SEO naturally in your titles. Instead of forcing other words to fit around an SEO word in your title, craft the title first to see where SEO can fit in. You’ll likely want a unique title for each of your blog posts, so combining both of these elements will allow you to have really catchy titles. Additionally, titles jump off the page to your readers’ eyes, so they’ll be able to find posts of interest quickly.

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Organic Content

When a blog reads as though it has been written with only SEO in mind, people are not going to want to continue on with it. Choose words that are naturally related to your topic. For example, if you have a blog on healthy eating, words and phrases such as “no fat,” “low fat” and “low sodium” are all related. People will be looking for these words and phrases on search engines, so your blog will likely come near the top. Let the words naturally flow into the blogs. After you have written a blog post, go back and read it. You’ll likely find that you used these words and phrases without having to think too much at all.

“About Us” Page

Perhaps your blog has an “About Us” page if you’re writing for a company or an “About Me” page if you’re writing as an individual. In any case, use some SEO tactics to dress up these pages as well. Of course, doing so serves the purpose of drawing more readers to the blog. Additionally though, incorporating relevant terms and concepts into these important pages gives credence to your abilities and credentials. Readers will see that you are truly an expert in the field.

Photo Captions

Good blogs generally have photos, cartoons or other pictures on them to enhance the reading experience of viewers. Incorporate SEO strategies into the captions for the blogs. Of course, you want to make the captions humorous or thought provoking, so once again, you should not force the SEO strategies onto them. Allow them to come naturally. Additionally, you need not have an SEO laden caption for every single photo. It’s fine if you use this technique once in awhile. Maybe you’ll want to use it for extra special pictures to draw in more attention and build a larger audience.

Clearly, SEO strategies have a close connection with blog posts. They help to bring the blog to the forefront of search engine results, but they also show readers that you have knowledge about the subject. Of course, these strategies must be used correctly. If not, it’ll appear as though you care only about SEO and not the content of your blog.

How do you incorporate SEO into your blog?

Post By Pam Johnson (1 Posts)

Author Pam Johnson enjoys blogging and enhancing her SEO. Her favorite blog is flowerdelivery.net, where she has gained lots of inspiration about SEO!!


Author Pam Johnson enjoys blogging and enhancing her SEO. Her favorite blog is flowerdelivery.net, where she has gained lots of inspiration about SEO!!
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SEO Components Your Blog Should Have

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