4 Tools To Better Analyze Your Links

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Digital avenues are teeming with people, but without proper signs, they can end up in the most unusual places and back alleys. That is why SEO strategies today rely on the link building process as a backbone of digital marketing activities.

Every online marketer has to deal with links, and the aim is to ensure that the most qualitative and relevant ones are pointing back to your site. This is one of the best ways to add value to the web, and is used in synergy with creating great content as well.

Reaching out to webmasters and other old school ways of prospecting are still a thing, but now there is a much more efficient alternative to this tedious activity. Namely, those who seek to enhance the backlink portfolio can now utilize great time-saving tools. Exploring opportunities and overcoming challenges are made easy, and a search process automated like never before.

4 Tools To Better Analyze Your Links

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This one is basically a crawl tool used for analyzing the website’s structure. It works in a similar way that a search engine spider does, and is excellent for auditing a website by the technical parameters. In order to unlock the full potential of SEO Spider, you would need to have a good command of HTML and possess knowledge of the technical side of SEO. Fortunately, the free version lets you test the program and see if it suits your needs.

Screaming Frog

Web managers, designers, and SEO professionals will find this tool indispensable for fulfilling their tasks. Collecting a vast amount of data for website optimization is something that no longer takes ages and nerves of steel. So, grab info on links, status codes, anchor text, attribute lengths, heading tags and other vital data. Identify the meta-refresh directives, click depth and get into canonical link information. Best of all, the report can be outputted to CSV to help you keep track of the information and better analyze your sites.


Next on our list is a powerful link building tool that simplifies the whole process and takes it to the next level. This intelligent platform does a bulk of the arduous work for you and offers a plethora of handy options and instruments. It includes the APIs of various other tools and allows users to exploit predefined search queries or create custom ones.

With the anti-spam filter built in, it enables you to find only the most relevant results aligned with the appropriate strategy. These results come directly from Google, and are categorized by latest SEO metrics.


Many SEO professionals enjoy this tool, since Dibz saves them precious time and allows them to focus their actions.  It also gives them means to keep up with the Google constantly, raising the quality bar when it comes to links. Spending a great deal of time on Google search and manual analysis is now made redundant and marketers may now put an emphasis on other aspects of link building. Separating the digital wheat from the chaff, Dibz is certainly a must-have tool.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a part of an ambitious project of establishing a new, high-quality search engine. It seems there is really something majestic about this website browser which scopes out the sites that are linking to your competition.  This gives you a clear idea about the tactics you will need to rank higher than your competitors on SERPs. Furthermore, the program gives insight on opportunities for building backlinks as well.

Google Majestic SEO

This link analysis tool maintains its own database on the web and also uses specially developed web crawler, “MJ12”. The most important thing for you is that you can get free reports for any sites you control. This feature is handy if you want to see whether the link sources are still working.

Truth be told, users who do not take advantage of the paid option will not be able to access the full scale of the available data. Still, with an index of billions of pages and few trillion mapping relationships, this tool is definitely worth a try.


This analysis tool covers all the basics of SEO, with a few advanced options to throw in the mix. Their Site Explorer, for example, is one of the main features, which gives an overview of core data points of a specific page. Using the “Linked Domains” and Top Pages” options, you can identify onsite issues clients might be having. Even better, the filtering capabilities used for referring and main domains are one of the strong points of Ahrefs.


It is worth mentioning that the program has its unique index, which implies that it is on par with the best of the best in the SEO arena. It is able to perform both the extensive audits and quick analysis, and its graphical representations such as Backlink Reports are easy to absorb. I would also highlight the anchor text breakdown tool and social metrics that are hard to come by these days.

Who is the King?

Building links is an imposing task, but great programs enable you to meet tight deadlines and build a nice link profile for your website.

By creating links that are relevant, you are enriching the online landscape and empowering users. In other words, you are able to establish an online presence on strong foundations and maximize your reach in a natural way, one that is approved by the gatekeepers of the digital realm.

Showing up high in Google search results is like sitting on an Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, or at least, positioning yourself close enough to whisper something in the ear of the king of the kings.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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