How Google’s Tag Manager Can Save You Time

How Google’s Tag Manager Can Save You Time

A wide range of tag management solutions can be found to suit your business’ needs and budget. If you’re looking for a free tag management solution, you may wish to try out Google’s Tag Manager. This tool provides you with a quick and easy way in which to enter into the world of tag management and understand the ways in which it can benefit your business.

What Is It?

Google Tag Manager brings together all of your website tags using a single piece of code and enables you to manage your tags from a web interface. With a few clicks of your mouse, you are free to add and update your tags, without incurring the hassle of rewriting your site code or plaguing your IT department.

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What Are Its Uses?

Tag Manager enables you to analyse your tagging strategy and determine the areas in which you need to make improvements and corrections. You can use the tool to manage your tags outside of your code release and development cycles and implement new tags in seconds. You can decrease your page load times by only firing tags that are required for specific URLs or interactions and by firing your tags asynchronously. The accuracy and consistency of your tags can be improved, as can the visibility of the tags that exist across the whole of your site. The Tag Manager enables to you determine which tags are firing and where, granting you the chance to turn off tags that you no longer require. Should several people be viewing the data obtained by the Tag Manager, you can use the permission hierarchy to grant users the ability to view, view and edit, or view, edit, and publish.

What Are Its Benefits?

Google Tag Manager is free of charge and has no usage limits. Other tag management solutions, meanwhile, tend to charge based on the number of installed sites. Tag Manager utilises Google’s own Content Delivery Network (CDN). This means that it is quick and easy for your tags to load across servers around the world. Tag Manager tags can be loaded asynchronously and this means that it is perfect for loading measurement and marketing tags. However, it does not support A/B testing tags and it is not possible for you to specify the tag load order either. The interface of Google Tag Manager is easy to use, so long as you understand macros. The permissions hierarchy is straightforward and effective. However, other tag management solutions may offer more comprehensive permission levels. Tag Manager provides a preview and debug mode that can be used prior to a full publish and is a valuable addition if you are not particularly technically minded and wish to instantly confirm the firing of a tag.


With Google Tag Manager, you can implement a wide range of tags, without having to rely on a third party or wait for your IT team to free up their schedule and implement tags on your behalf. Tag Manager’s workflow tools and inbuilt testing functionality reduce the likelihood of errors and enables tags to not only be tested in a safe environment but to be instantly deployed.

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    I had no idea about this feature! Great post, this is a real time saver! Google has impressed once again.

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    Thank you for new information. I was not aware of this tool. It would be more useful if you would have provided the google link in your article. Also initially I got confused this with “tags” that are used to categorize blog posts. Only after visiting Google Tag Manager site, I realized that this about the small piece of code that is used for measuring traffic etc. I dont own any site, so I was not aware of this.
    Thanks anyway

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    Google really has a lot of good services that everyone can use. This is one of them. Just like you said, I will not have to wait for the IT guy to help me with the tags if I need more tags, now I can do it myself. Really good article.

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    Thanks, but it will take time understand these concepts.

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    Pretty cool, I had no idea doing this was possible!

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    A very useful and easy manageable method tagging various scripts of course. This post would have been much understandable if you could have put some examples what the tags you are mentioning here like Analytics script, conversion scripts etc.

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    Nice, I have learned anything by google is good!

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