Guest Blogging Post Penguin – Is It Still Worth It?

Is It Still Worth It?

Google’s Penguin update has meant that the writing guidelines for guest posts have become much more stringent and strict.  They are attempting to weed out the spam filled hyper-linked articles in place of more high quality content.  As a result, many good and clean blog postings have been marked as spam by the search engines even though the author’s intent was to create a legitimate piece that attracted viewers back to their websites.  So the question has been raised again and again among guest bloggers is if the activity itself is even worth the effort in the post penguin world.  The answer though can still be very much yes and the following explains more.

Is It Still Worth It?

Link Building

One of the top reasons why guest blogging can still be utilised and should still be considered is because it has the ability to help you create links to your website from high authority pages.  By creating quality articles that abide by the guidelines that are set forth in the post penguin world, there is no reason why the posts will be detrimental to your website.  However in order to build links you need to take the time to research the blogs you are considering more fully before going ahead as building links on spam websites may do your website more harm than good.


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Finding Your Niche

Guest blogging has been considered controversial among some sites, especially with the new standards.  There has been questioning as to whether or not there is a valid market for this type of posting anymore; however, if done in the right way and on the right site, a writer really can become a premier and prestigious voice in that particular niche.  It is possible then that a writer who finds the right sites to post on can begin to build their own reputation in order to really stand out and get the personal and professional satisfaction that they need.  Therefore this is another reason to navigate the article writing world and begin to write articles and guest blog postings that can be used on sites.

Sharing Your Passion

Writers who guest blog often have an insatiable passion for writing that needs to be satisfied.  They want to share their literary crafts with the world as a way to both impact their readers as well as to have an outlet for their own writing needs.  Guest blogs are a great way to do this.  Not only can a writer share the love of writing that they have but they can also create a reputation in the area or genre of writing that they love.  This niche market can also be a passion for a writer as well.  If you love a subject and want to share that passion through writing, creating a guest blog on a niche site can be a great way to share this with others.  For this reason, expression of passion is another great reason to continue guest blogging post Penguin.

Build Your Brand

Even in a post-penguin world, an individual can build their brand.  They just must go about it differently.  Now it is not about over populating the site or article with numerous links but about creating content that will drive readers to an interest in you and, ultimately, your site.  Even without all of the tremendous links back to your webpage, you can really create and build a brand that is beneficial to your overall article writing business but just must do so more subtly.  Consider it a challenge and an additional benefit and have fun creating those guest articles and blog posts.

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Guest blogging is still a great way to get the name of your brand recognised however you should make sure you take Penguin into account before going ahead with your guest blogging strategy.


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    Guest blogging can bring in a lot of traffic, but I don’t really trust Google. It’s best to use a website that bloggers have created themselves and know what they are going.

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    I think it is worth it! I have received some great content and have not been penalized by Google. In fact, I believe in it so highly I created a web site with over 500 websites which offer guest blogging opportunities for authors.

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    I think that guest posting is as powerful as it ever was. It got “moderated” by Google, just like any link building strategy that became too powerful.
    I like to avoid hyper linking. So my choice of blogs to guest blog on are not related to SEOMoz metrics about the link strength the blog can provide, but rather the number of readers I may acquire by posting a quality post on that blog.
    Also when I feature interviews or guest post on my blog, the only criteria for me is if my readers would find it interesting and/or useful.

  • avatar

    I completely agree! I would write all day if I didn’t have so many things on my to do list. Posting on my own blog is unthinkable for two reasons: 1) my readers would be overwhelmed by 2+ posts a day. I have stopped following blogs for the very reason that they post too frequently. If I can’t keep up then the information becomes less relevant and overwhelming. 2) Posting all of my writing in one place would expose my eclectic interests. While these might be interesting to some they distill the idea of a niche/expert topic blog.
    Please keep us updated about the risks of guest blogging. I’m curious to know more!

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    This article really brings it home, with the importance of relevant content and how that is basically what drives your campaign. Whether you are guest blogging or blogging on your website, with a few followers to start. I am actually working on the concept of linkbuilding that this article touches on, I am however aware now that I must ensure that I don’t build links on a spam or blackhat site. Danger!

  • avatar

    Good article, and definitely good advice on how to use guest blogging.
    I have to say, I dislike the fact that Google sets “regulations” on how blogging should work. I understand it’s all about the search algorithms, but it seems like Google’s Penguin update is attempting to control how information on the Internet is shared. I mean, it seems like if I just wanted to post a gaming review on my buddy’s video game blog, and linked back to my own work-from-home site in my author bio, I could end up penalized for that. Niche marketing is all well and good, but it seems like, as authors, this update forcibly limits us to a narrow market segment.

  • avatar

    I’m considering of writing a guest post to a few blogs but I have yet to prove that I’m worthy of the space in the owner’s blog and time of the reader/follower.
    Blog commenting has proven a great method in having a successful link building as I have proven it in my blog but I’m sure so is guest posting.
    Writers can definitely take advantage of sharing their passion and knowledge via guest posting; moreover, having different voices in terms of written words can break the uniformity and give a different tone to the blog so as to entertain the readers as well while learning.

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