Google’s Job Search Tool

Google’s Job Search Tool

Hunting for the perfect job is never an easy task, however, it’s getting easier as more tools are available online like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, Facebook and others. On June 20th, the search giant Google announced it was throwing its hat in the job seeking ring. It will release a job seeking tool on its search results page that gives you a chance to search and apply through all the above mentioned online portals.

“46% of U.S employers say that they face talent shortages and have issues filling open job positions,” according to Google's CEO Sundar Pichai. Google For Jobs will show everything from entry level jobs to hospitality industry positions to trade jobs to executive roles.

The thought here is to give the job seekers a one-stop shop to find their next career move without having to filter through duplicate job postings across various sites. Google’s new feature leverages the search engine’s technology to help job seekers connect with employers directly from a search page.

This new feature was launched in US search engines and pulls job postings from job sites like CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. It is presently accessible in English. All you have to do is enter a search query like “jobs near me” and the SERP will give you a chance to explore an expansive scope of employment opportunities. You can refine your queries to just include full time positions, for instance. When you navigate to get more data about a particular job, you get the opportunity to see Glassdoor and Indeed rating for a company. Depending on the job you are searching for, custom filters like category, title, date posted, type of job and more.

Google’s job search-Jobs near me

You can set email alerts to let you know as new relevant jobs are posted.

Google has partnered with other job portals like LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, Direct Employers, Career Builder, Glassdoor and Facebook. Jobs posted on any of these sites will appear in search results.

Google’s AI

“Each person has a unique set of preferences and it only takes one person to fill this job,” said Google's project manager.

To create a list of all relevant job offers, Google culls down all the duplicate listings posted by employers across several job portals. Then its machine learning trained algorithm refines and categorizes these job postings. All these job portals use a job specific markup which helps these search engines understand that it is a job posting. Google’s Artificial Intelligence technology understands how these job titles are related, and groups them together accordingly. For example, a person searching "SEO” in Google’s search tool may be looking for a job as an SEO Analyst, a Product Marketing Manager, or a Brand Manager, depending on the job description. Google processes all this data so that users who search for “SEO” will see all potential matching jobs.

Just as you select a job, Google will take you to the website where this particular job was posted to complete the actual application process. If there are duplicate listings of the same job on multiple sites, Google’s AI will take you to the one with the most descriptive and complete job posting. This will ensure all other job portals will share all relevant details in their ad for job seekers.

Regarding the actual application process, Google does not handle any of the procedure after you have found the job in its service. Here, Google’s artificial Intelligence is being sold to the hiring company, such that it makes it easier for them to find qualified recruits, Pichai says.

Its effect on other Job Portals.

  • Google has made clear that its intention is not to directly compete with other job sites like Monster, LinkedIn, Career-Builder etc. Currently, it does not provide the option for employers to post the job directly on its search engine.
  • Though Google claims that it wants the players in the job search market to be more successful, there will be some challenges to these job posting sites, perhaps the biggest one would be for those that are driven by optimized SEO websites.

Sundar Pichai hopes Google For Jobs will help job seekers and uncover opportunities right next door.

Google’s search job competitors are of the opinion that Google For Job will only help their job listings. Facebook says, it launched its job search feature for its 2 billion users to ease the strain of job hunting. "This partnership with Google helps us accomplish that goal", Facebook product manager Gaurav Dosi said in a statement.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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