Content, Content, Content – Keeping It Fresh

Content, Content, Content – Keeping It Fresh

What do retail and real estate experts say about acquiring the best property?  "Location, Location, Location!"

As an SEO specialist, when I am asked about rankings and how to get the best out of SEO results, I invariably start with "Content, Content, Content!"

Search engines are always racing to give their valuable search community the most relevant search possible.

One of the ways a search engine can get the edge over other engines, is by serviing up the most recent and relevant web page for the desired search term. So, with that in mind, you need to create lots of quality content and with regular frequency.

Developing Content For SEO

As an SEO client the most common thing we tell clients when they ask how they can help themselves is to regularly update the content on their site.  Getting many of them to do this however, can be a different story.

Top 3 Client Excuses

  • I don't have time to write content
  • I don't know what to write about
  • I am not as good a writer as (insert famous Author here)

Writing content is difficult, no doubt about it.  We're not all linguistics scholars.

Although i can always assist with refining and working with existing content, I am not the client's partner or an expert in their field, so the initial thought process must come from the person that knows most about their business - the website / business owner.

I suggest clients to think about their business from an objective point of view.

What's missing from the web site?

What product / service information would your client find useful?

Keep the brainstorm going and read more about our SEO Content Tips

One suggestion i often mention, is to create a blog. A blog is a great tool to use for getting invaluable information out to the world.

Blogs are pretty easy to use, and can be used informally to engage the user. More reasons Blogs Help Your SEO

This is my SEO quickie for the week!

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Is there a number of content we have to post in a week? Or just a one rich weekly post will do? Some bloggers have a regular time when to post. As of now, as long as I have time to write, I have to post it as soon as possible otherwise it will stay as draft in a scratch paper that I may have mistaken for a trash later on.

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      Vanessa Copeland 


      @windfall, it all depends on your bandwidth really! If you have time to write articles five days a week, that’s great! Nonetheless, remember its about quality not quantity. It’s better to write one great article a week than five so so articles!

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    No doubt search engines love fresh content. I think simply adding fresh content is not an end in itself. New pages(contents) should follow a theme and be placed into categories. Incorporate product related keywords in the title tags, on-page titles and descriptive text in the new content being created.

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    Content is king; no doubt on that; but to be of any value in the eyes of search engines they need to be updated regularly with fresh, unique content in the form of blogs etc.Blogs can really work wonders for your site as fresh, regular and unique content is added to the site regularly

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    Adding new pages of content on a regular basis is a smart Search engine optimization move. We have ample option to add contents such as product reviews, press releases, customer comments, how-to information, and other relevant information, and refresh it. Over time, we can watch as the major search engines begin to sit up and take notice of our new, fresh content.

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    Nice quickie C-note. The web is all about providing meaningful relevant content to people sharing a common interest or looking for a particular business service. Useful web content is the surefire way to bring visitors to your site, and blogs are a better channel if and only if it is updated with meaningful content to the internet audience. How we admire and enamored with fresh fruits & vegetables, or like a morning cool breeze- audience expects that freshness from your content.

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    Yes, content definitely is the king and the search engines love it- the more the better. Search engines are on the look out for content that would satisfy the needs of the user. Their only consideration is the relevancy and usefulness of the content to the user; nothing else matters more. A website with good content assures a good ranking!

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