5 Proven Ways to Get Incredibly High Value (And High Traffic) Links

5 Proven Ways to Get Incredibly High Value (And High Traffic) Links

One of the best ways to generate an “alternative to Google” way to drive traffic is to create high value links. These links can bring in an unbelievable amount of traffic and snowball into you taking the reins on your niche. In return, your Google search ranking will also rise, possibly into the top spot. It will take a lot of time and effort in order for these to come into fruition, but it will do wonders for your website.

Tactic #1: Infographics

Infographics still work, but they have to be good and newsworthy, and you need to promote them. Information Graphics, or infographics, are tough to use but can be a great tool to use. Most people that are simply browsing the web would like to get as much information with as little time as possible.

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By incorporating infographics into your website, you are allowing them to absorb a lot of knowledge without having to read an entire article. Through creating your own infographic, which can be done online for free, you are also creating a chart or information that is specific to your website.

That can be linked to any blogs or forum that you are a part of and with each interested click, they are brought directly to your website. It is best to leave the infographic with a lot of knowledge, but not the entire story. If it peaks their interest, they will be coming to your website to learn more. By having a well-built website, you can keep their interest with other great articles.

This is a great area where having social networks can drive traffic up considerably. By having a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Google+ with followers/friends, you can post your infographic to those to the masses. If the information is helpful or entertaining, it is likely to be shared, furthering your reach. If they click on the picture it can direct them straight to your website.

Tactic #2: Getting Publicity

Publicity is a tactic that will likely take time. Depending on your expertise, it could be difficult to take your website off of the internet, in terms of advertising. It can be done however. There are programs like HARO (Help A Reporter Out) that connects reporters and journalists connect. By sending them your incredibly unique content, they may cover your story.

The very reputable and well-known companies such as ABC, FOX, DOWJONES and AP are news agencies that use the service. If your content was used on the FOX news, it could reach millions of people within a few minutes. It is a stretch to you will be overloaded with viewers immediately, but there will be a boost. Of the masses that hopefully saw the press release or news segment, many of them may be interested in what you are offering on your website. If they like what is there, they will return and your numbers are continuing to rise.

Tactic #3: High Traffic Guest Posting

If you are trying to become a well-known “top dog” within your community, you have to be in forums and communities that may rival your viewers. By being an active, positive presence within their forums, you can draw viewers directly from their site. If you see questions and you have the answer at your website, direct them there instead of writing out the entire article.

It has been posted (hopefully the first answer) and others that are looking for the same answer will follow the link. If the answer does not take more than a few sentences to answer, write out the answer instead of the link. It is more courteous to the users and showcases your expertise. Most forums and blogs allow the posters to have a signature box.

You can place whatever you want, whether quotes, specs, or a website URL. If you are knowledgeable and your signature box holds your website address, you will find many people will see what else you have to offer. It is a polite way of getting your URL without throwing your website at every possible question. It could appear more like spam and be rejected.

Tactic #4: Exceptional Content

As mentioned above, by posting your web address to different forums and blogs, you are leaving a permanent link to everyone else that visits that page. In addition to spreading the link, you must also have great content behind it.

This is an unfortunate way to lose a lot of viewers and getting bad reviews. If the links hold false information or unentertaining media such as an article, DIY guides, etc., this could backfire and deter your community. If the following post to your link, typically the original poster (OP) of the question, finds your information to be bad or not an answer, they will mention it and continue the search. The bad result is made public for everyone to witness.

Tactic #5: Become an Authority

Becoming a top contender in your desired market can be very difficult. There is always at least one other main website it seems that absorbs most of the users. It will take time and very entertaining content, not necessarily comedic, but it has to retain the readers. By climbing to the top, inherently you acquire many users every day. If you have guides or DIY information, it can quickly be spread through forums and blogs alike, driving your traffic up even further.

By becoming an authority within your niche and having created many different high value links, Google’s algorithm will see your site as a stronger asset. Your site will skyrocket to the top of Google’s search results. Being the “best in business”, within your niche means your website will be the most sought after, ranking it within the top few.  That in return, will insurmountably drive up the traffic.

In order to claim top contender within your niche, it is going to require the above four tactics. Without having all four above present, there will always be a better website offering excellent media and a great community.  These are not “get traffic quick” schemes by any means. You may be the most knowledgeable in your community, but you have to prove to not only your niche, but to everyone that may end up on your website.

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    I’m new to blogging and am looking for ways to increase visitors to my blog and websites. Appreciate the tips.

  • avatar

    This is a very informative article! I like the idea of infographics because it depicts words in a single picture. With people having less time to go through lengthy articles infographics gives them the information that they need at a glance.
    There can be no compromise on content – it has to be very useful and of high quality. Whether the rules of SEO change or not content will remain king!

  • avatar

    Another great article. I am learning a lot from your information. I recently became active making comments, participating in forums, and others you mention.
    I feel like I am finally getting things done. I understand that perseverance is the key, and great content is the most important point.
    It is easy to create an article, blog and website. It is not as easy to promote, get the word out, and drive traffic. That may be why so many start, and give up.

  • avatar


    As a creative writer, the terms “infographics” and “marketing” aren’t included in my writing process. However, when it comes to putting myself out there via blogging as a sort of test market for feedback, I sometimes feel like a social media leper. I link to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, but that doesn’t generate the kind of traffic I would like. (Sadly, even my own friends don’t always take notice of me.) Thanks, James Marshall, for your advice. My blogs don’t exactly need infographics, but I could definitely use more photo illustrations.
    I’m also truly appreciate of #5. I feel like an authority on finding humor in everyday moments. I’m also an authority in other ways (e.g., mastery of the body boarding wipeout), and you’ve inspired me to think of writing and optimization from a different angle. Bravo!

  • avatar

    No doubt this is a great article. Now-a-days, SEO isn’t what it used to be anymore and with the internet increasing everyday, it becomes harder and harder to reach “everyone”.

  • avatar

    I am just starting out a blogger and the ways you posted above really helped me get an idea on how to get valuable traffic links.
    I took up an online training related to blogging and infographic media is one of the most advised thing you can put on a post. As a blog read, I think I must agree that readers are very visual. So providing one or two may help improve the post and get the readers to read and come back for more.
    While the other four tactics, that, I may find it difficult to apply when I finally get to purchase a paid hosting for my blog. Maybe if you’re a very popular celebrity, then those won’t be so difficult. But with bloggers increasing everyday, it’s a really tight competition.
    Thanks for this post! I’ll surely try to follow some of them.

  • avatar

    I agree with Greg about the infographics part, this is new to me. I also like the guest posting, I think this one is something most of us could do and have it benefit for everyone. These are all great tips especially for someone like me who are looking for ways to get good amounts of traffic to a website.

  • avatar
    Shawn Gossman 


    I agree that becoming an authority or a niche expert in your niche market is a good idea. One of the best ways to become an authority is to create some sort of product that the niche market needs. This could be anything from a new technology to software and even an eBook that solves problems in the niche. Problems are another way to become an authority, go outside of your website and search for problems in the niche, find a solution and help those who need help with your real name or the name you want to become popular and people will start to notice you. Great post!

  • avatar

    Thanks for writing this article! I’ve enjoyed writing as a hobby for many years. Recently, I have decided to enhance my hobby, hoping to transform it into another possible income for my children and I. I did a lot of research and found some outlets but nothing quite like the information you’ve provided. This posting is perfect for those whose goal is to make money and not change.
    Thanks Again!

  • avatar
    Gregg Phillips 


    I’m probably the only person on the planet that hadn’t yet heard the term “infographics”, much less could identify what it meant. I’m sure, much like everything else, there are probably those who offer their expertise at creating one, yes?
    Would that be a better course for a newbie like myself to take, presumably saving time, aggravation (and money of course), by not trying to learn with the trial and error method?
    I also found it interesting that paid advertising didn’t make this list. Is that because the average user has become numb to most advertising techniques?
    Interesting post, it certainly has planted some sound ideas for me to mull over – Thanks!

  • avatar

    Great article! Clearly the point is that there is no easy way to do SEO anymore and, honestly, there really never was. It all makes sense really: old techniques only gamed the system but with Google getting smarter every day the old SEO strategies can actually do more harm than good.

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