5 Great Content Marketing Ideas

5 Great Content Marketing Ideas

Excellent content is similar to a classic song- at times covers are as good, if not more advanced than the original. As it was proved by musicians long ago, there are several ways through which you can spin a winning song. If you are looking to enhance customer interest, social media sharing and website traffic you can try these tips for remixing your content into a several similarly impressive results. All of these can help you get the most of the top online hits of your organization. Here is a look at 5 great content marketing ideas you should be aware of.

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1. Create an E-Book

Your brand or business has been blogging for a long time, generating volumes of content stockpiled in your archives. If you have already been publishing professional hints, advise and tips, you should compile all that material into an e-book.

Aggregating this content into one read can efficiently represent engaging material, potentially drive added sales, public attention or media interest for pre-existing content and add worth to your IP catalogue, whilst cementing your business' proficiency.

2. Create a Podcast Series

A smartphone with video/audio recording capabilities or an HD webcam is all you require to begin your own virtual television or radio show for online distribution. If you speak at various events or offer advice to clients via remote or live solutions, you should record the sound bites and then remix them into downloadable series featuring highlights, or generate an interactive training series or downloadable program featuring the best parts from your presentations.

Doing this can help you to create new products, expand your reach and convey important information as your clients go about their every day routines.

3. Create Photo Galleries, Infographics and Slideshows

If you have volumes of wonderful photos and images, look for a means to bring various media together, whether as social media series, picture gallery, infographic or montage that quickly conveys helpful information.

You may even create microsites intended to showcase all or match up visual materials with corresponding videos and articles, building the online equal of eye-catching brochures.

4. Break Your Content into Lesser Pieces

If you have a lengthy whitepaper or brochure containing tons of great info, you should think about breaking it into a good set of individual articles for online sharing. You can theme and link together running groups of posts through a master page and promote them as a running themed sequence.

Besides, smaller pieces will be handy since many consumers today read content on tablets or smartphones. It is a good idea to have your articles broken down into a running posts group and having them linked all together through a master page, in case someone wishes to read the assortment in one sitting.

5. Repackage and Represent Material

After publishing a ton of content, it is your duty to make it easily accessible to customers. For instance, if you have created 15 posts on the use of social media in building a brand, you should generate a master summary post to serve as a quick access reference.

Similarly, updating pre-existing content using latest stats and information can be a simple way of squeezing more from your content marketing efforts. Identical to redoing an old movie or remixing a song, there at all times will be a fresh audience awaiting a brighter, bigger and expanded director's cut edition.

What type of content marketing strategy do you use?

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    I think with the latest hummingbird updates, the online marketing community has a better gauge into what’s more important. Apparently Google is treasuring content more than links now and this is definitely great for the ethical webmasters out there with great content.

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    The ebook idea is always a good idea when you create enough content on a subject. You just need to organize your ideas and write them out in such a way that the information flows from point to point. The tip to break up the content is also a good idea as it can help you create new ideas from the breaks made. Like answering the questions that would arise from a broken part.

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    It’s a good point to break up content into pieces, people who are greeted by a long block of text on a site probably will leave in half a second. Photos and graphics are a must, if a website isn’t aesthetically pleasing, I won’t stay on it.

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    I might try doing the ebook method, but I have a problem with getting traffic to my blog to sell the ebook.
    What gives?

  • avatar

    These are some absolutely brilliant tips. I have gone down the ebook route before, and without much success. But with all of the other methods that you talk about within this post, if I combine the ebook with that, then maybe I will have a better shot. It will be a lot of work, but I am willing to put the time and effort in.
    Thanks again.

  • avatar


    I love the idea of the infographics. You’re able to explain the stragety while using illustrations. And i’m pretty sure that most people prefer looking than reading.

  • avatar

    Thank you for this article. Never ever did it occur to me to make my blog articles and tutorials into a solid E-book. Do you have any advice on how would it be best to distribute it?

    • avatar
      Vanessa Copeland 


      @Aspak, Social media is a great way to distribute an e-book! Add a downloadable pdf to your Facebook page. Facebook promoted posts is a great way to reach a larger audience. Share your e-book with people in LinkedIn groups. Tweet, #hashtag and mention all the right “keywords” and get other people sharing your ebook. Those are just the basics but I hope that helps!

  • avatar


    Podcasts are always a great way to connect people, not just for the participants but also for the listeners, as they may be able to get some of their questions answered on that podcast.
    Also, I like keeping things short and simple, because people aren’t bothered by reading long posts anymore, they just want the essencial.

  • avatar
    Shane Parkins 


    I think the E-Book method is slightly over populated however I think there is massive growth potential for a podcast, this is something that has not been exhausted and most people can listen to a podcast without having to stop what they are doing. I normally listen to the occasional pod cast when I’m working, just as I would listen to music. From someone who has also tried reselling products one of the most damaging aspects for me is the appreciation value – if you sell a product for $100 but buy it at $50 you are selling a $50 value product for a heavily marked up price. If you wanted to go down this route I would consider adding value to the product, that may be your opinion or additional information.
    This is a really good post and I can imagine some new webmasters would appreciate the value of it and start generating incoming content or incentives.

  • avatar


    I really like infographics. They make your content more concise and more entertaining. Plus, many readers prefer graphics. 🙂

  • avatar

    Excellent tips, once again. I would like to emphasize keeping infographics and such very short and concise. People today are busy and don’t like concentrating on one thing for too long (or is it just me?). Deliver facts fast and in an appealing package.

  • avatar

    I always thought of writing an ebook but never did cause I thought it would be a lot of hard work. But it’s really not that hard to write all of your knowledge into a book. As long as it’s informative and well written.

  • avatar

    I have been thinking about a content marketing methods and the most common I read about is the White Paper Strategy. I see a lot of people have success over time with this but the only complaint is it is such a long process. I haven’t thought too much of these five content marketing ideas, they are really great ideas to start contributing into the organization of your content. A lot of people do not think of these simple ways to improve. Very good informative post Jonathan!

  • avatar
    Christoffer Madsen 


    Really useful advice!
    I like the idea of writing an E-Book, I think that it is a very nice marketing trick, seeing as how most the material is already out there. But I find that it usually only works, when there is quality within the pages. There are already way too many ‘would-be’ markting geniuses out there, but usually you can tell by the contents and the cover if they are phony or not.
    It’s not always nice to jugde a book by its cover, but sometimes it is necessary.
    Also the idea of a podcast is great, it helps bridge the gap between consumer and seller, and it is a nice way of communicating the latest updates.
    Speaking of which, does techwyse have a podcast? If not, are you planing on doing one?

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