TechWyse Announces Release of Ultimate Measurement Package

TechWyse Announces Release of Ultimate Measurement Package
January 19, 2009 - Toronto, Ontario – TechWyse launches ‘Ultimate Measurement Package’.  As a complement to the development and traffic building services currently being offered, TechWyse has announced the bundling of 3 of the most effective services which help to measure and improve internet marketing campaigns. The package consists of the following services: WyseLabs Analytics – After installing and setting up Google Analytics our campaign analysts use statistics to improve the website property by making data driven decisions.  This service will create continuous improvement based upon statistical analysis. Lead Management – by installing the TechWyse proprietary lead management system, it is possible to measure both email and phone leads.  By measuring both email and phone leads, the TechWyse team is then able to determine an exact cost per lead based upon internet marketing campaigns. Conversion Summary – TechWyse then monitors all on and offline campaigns on a monthly basis with end clients.  The results are displayed in the TechWyse client centre.  Statistical information includes traffic, cost of campaign, email leads, phone leads and overall cost per lead. TechWyse commitment to professional services and reporting continues.  Please direct any questions to the TechWyse marketing department by writing to
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    It is true Alexander! The thing that I find about measurement is that site owners thrive on this information but do not see the value in paying for it initially. That is why it is important to just offer the service up and let business owners enjoy the results.

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    People have come to realize that more than mere web traffic it is the conversion and the means to measure the ROI that is of paramount importance. With the economy on a downswing this aspect has gained further momentum .People need to know the rate of return on every penny spent. Your effort in this direction is praiseworthy and needs to be lauded. Keep it up

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