Why Google Indexes Website ‘A’ Faster Than Website ‘B’?

Why Google Indexes Website ‘A’ Faster Than Website ‘B’?

Actually DJ's previous post -"Google Adding To Its Index At Rocket Speeds" has pinged me to think of writing an article discussing why is site A indexed faster than site B. Suppose if website A adds a new page, and suppose at the same time website B also adds a new page. Will they both be indexed side by side by Google? Nope! It doesn't mean that Google is going to index website B at the same time as website A. It is quite clear that Google doesn't index every site at the same speed. Why is this? What can website B do to be indexed as fast as website A.

Why is Website 'A' Indexed Faster?

Let see why. Google is indexing new pages from site A before site B primarily because of the frequency with which the former adds new pages. This means, if you add pages everyday then the Googlebot is going to take notice of this and begin to spider your website more frequently because you are constantly updating the site with fresh and unique content. But if you add new pages less often (say - once a month), then Google crawlers won’t index your content as regularly as with the case of Site A.

What Website 'B' Can Do?

Adding Content Regularly

The only immediate way to increase the 'crawl rate' of the Google spider on your website is by adding new pages with unique content on a regular basis.  Many people do this these days by blogging! Just adding any old nonsense, however,  won't help Google still needs to value the content you are inserting. Remember, boring plain articles will do nothing for you. But well written, useful articles with valuable information that solves problems will do a great deal more!

Add Sitemap XML vis Google Webmaster Tools

Adding a sitemap xml document to Google through your Google webmasters account is yet another option. This will allow Google to see your updated content and you can also see the 'crawl rate' of your website. Adding a sitemap xml file can also offer you a multitude of other statistics concerning your website when you look at Google Webmaster Tools. So if you haven't added an xml sitemap already do it right away!

Get Links From Websites That Google Indexes Quick

Another way to get your webpage's indexed quicker is by getting links from other websites that Google indexes quick. For example, if you add your content to websites like Nielsen-online which is a website that gets indexed very frequently then Google will consider your link worthy and chase it to your website. Then from there after evaluating Google will decide whether to index your webpage or not.

Get Links From Your Indexed Pages

Another important thing to take care of in getting indexed is – make sure to link the new pages on your website with other indexed pages. This will enable Google to see your newly added pages and as the bot revisits these pages it will find the new link leading to your new page.

One final note - You should take care not to add content on your website just for SEO purposes. New pages should be added only if you feel your website visitors are going to benefit from this added content.  In the end, the visitors experience is always paramount!

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    This article is somewhat informative. I understood that inbound links pays great leverage to our site in terms of PR. Genuine inbound links are not easy to come by and when we do manage it, it is best for the back link to point to the home page even if the back link in question may benefit a sub-page in terms of content.

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    Wonderful! Yes Dimitry, Google counts the number of links that coming to our site. Every article that gets published on your site is helping me improve in some or the other way. You guys always have such detailed and interesting articles.
    Thumbs up!

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    Really such great information about Google indexing and I hope it is going to help me in many ways. I personally specialize in flash web design, which is always a problem when it comes to search engine optimization. Hopefully one day the search engines will take full flash websites more favorably.

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    Well written article. Yes, blogging can make your website a happening place and add fresh content regularly. W.r.t blogging one misconception is that links in blog comments help in indexing. But according to Google, Google bots visit through those links but do not actually index those pages with the exception of some blogs that accept dofollow links.

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    What you said is right, simply adding contents for the sake of SEO troubles and confuses customers, so our visitors need of information is vital. I guess PageRank of our site has a major role in indexing our pages faster.

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    That was an educative enough post Asha. Just to add to what site B can do to catch up with A, it can also do article marketing, press release submissions. Both press release sites and article directories have a good page rank and get crawled by Google often. And of course linking to bookmarking sites like digg, del.icio.us, stumbleupon, furl and slashdot is another surefire way for site B.

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    Your article is a pointer to the importance that Google lays on fresh, relevant, regular, unique content. Yes, content really is the king.

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