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Google Adding To Its Index At Rocket Speeds

Search Engine Optimization November 30th, 2008



As one of the editors of this blog, I usually take quite a bit of time to schedule our lineup of blogs.

Today, however, I found myself contributing to my personal writings in my own blog.   One of the items that I was writing about was my own path to where I have gotten today.  I suppose we all do this at some point in our lives.  Some of us hold this in our brains, others write about it in a journal or diary while the more brave write about it in a blog. (ahem)

Anyhow, the point to my small story is this;

I launched the new blog as the very first blog I have ever written on my personal blog.  I then began to edit the blog and adding hyperlinks to relevant items that i referenced in the blog.  Wouldn’t you know it, when ‘Googling’ one of the companies i used to work for, there it was number 4 on the list.  The actual blog that I had just uploaded just 37 minutes earlier!

What does this tell me?

  • Google’s spiders have come a long way since 1998.  They are indexing content faster then even I imagined.  In the past I had been very impressed to see some items from ‘trusted’ domains post to the live Google index in 24 hours.  But in this case, Google had indexed my small personal story from a blog that was just launched in less than 37 minutes!  I was surprised enough to post this random blog on a beautiful Sunday!
  • So much for a Google Sandbox.  There has been for quite some time a ‘myth’ about a Google Sandbox.  By this many people believe that a domain or website is kept out of the index of Google, until it reaches a level of trust by Google that they begin displaying content from that particular site in their index.  I posted an article in my own personal blog, one of he first ones i ever wrote and there it was under a fairly broad search term just 37 minutes later!
  • Be careful what you write about and post!   I am sure many people have gotten themselves writing about personal items that they did not think would make it into the Google index.  But blink and you may have you content on the first page of Google in no time!

That is all folks.  Happy posting. Google is watching. 🙂

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DJ has been a high profile Internet Marketer since 2001. He is the CEO of TechWyse and as a passionate member of the internet marketing industry is a key contributor on the 'Rise To The Top' Blog.

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Google Adding To Its Index At Rocket Speeds

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