Your Traditional Turkey Dinner is Similar to Full-Service Internet Marketing

Your Traditional Turkey Dinner is Similar to Full-Service Internet Marketing

Have you ever related your favourite meals to life? I haven’t until today.

Being surrounded by Internet marketing everyday, I’ve begun to eat, breathe, even dream about many aspects of the industry. I need to stress the word, EAT! At lunch today, I asked a few co-workers their plans for this Thanksgiving weekend. Similar to the many Canadians, they were heading home to eat a good ol’ traditional turkey dinner.

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As you sit down with your family and friends this weekend, before scarfing down that yummy food, take a good look at the contents of what’s on your plate!

How does Internet marketing relate to your turkey dinner you ask!? Let me break it down for you.

Turkey (website)

The turkey is the main attraction and so is your website. You don’t want your website to be to dry and boring; like a turkey you want your site to have enough flavour to keep your visitors coming back for seconds, thirds, even fourths!

Stuffing (SEO)

Your mom and your mother-in-law make great stuffing but they are both very different. A stuffing recipe can drastically change by adding or subtracting different ingredients. This is very similar in an SEO campaign, mixing in the perfect match of keywords will compliment your website and will really get people talking. WAIT. Don’t get it twisted, keyword stuffing isn’t a recipe for SEO success. A great stuffing recipe will boost the flavours of a well crafted turkey, as will an awesome SEO campaign to a well-designed website.

Mashed Potatoes (Paid Search)

Never over look the mashed potatoes. After the turkey and stuffing have been perfected its time to get your mash on. No thanksgiving dinner is complete without a generous side of mashed potatoes. And no internet marketing campaign is complete without a paid search strategy. Turkey (website) + stuffing (SEO) + mashed potatoes (paid search) = one tasty meal (campaign).

Vegetables (Content)

Most children don’t understand the importance of eating their vegetables, no matter how many times mom tells them “they're good for you.” This is similar to getting business owners to understand the importance of content marketing. Believe me, it makes for a healthy website that's sure to pay-off in the long term!

Gravy (Social Media)

I put that $%#& on everything! Literally speaking, I put gravy all over my turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and veggies. And you should do the same with your social media. Put social sharing buttons on your website, boost SEO by having social pages indexed in search engines, advertise social media in paid search campaigns and share your website content on all social networks.

If you combined all the perfect ingredients you’ll be sure to have a successful Internet marketing campaign. What do you do with the leftovers? Just eat those!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  • avatar

    This is a great narrative. I love the way that you made similes of each dinner item.
    It is a very good analogy to understand the importance of portion and effort that needs to go into developing content for a website.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • avatar

    Interestingly enough, blog posts about the same topics posted here are usually boring and I typically don’t stick around to read the whole blog.
    But wow, this really sucked me in and I read the whole post! Good job. I just learned a bunch of good tips for the future (I have made and probably will make websites).
    Thanks for the info!
    ….I’m hungry.

  • avatar

    That’s certainly the most enjoyable way to describe internet markting that I’ve ever read. You found the right way not to bore your readers while writing about something serious and important. Keep on writing with creativity, you’ll go far. 🙂

  • avatar

    Awesome post Vanessa, it brought a smile to my face. And of course, there is the pumpkin pie which for me is the sales I have made. Yummy!
    But you know how it goes, you can’t get dessert without eating your dinner first!

  • avatar
    Shawn Gossman 


    This has been one of the coolest ways to describe internet marketing that I have ever seen! Great job with it, Vanessa! I especially like the part about content (or veggies) haha. Content in my opinion is the most important part of the website and the most important part of marketing which is why you should write content (eat veggies) each and every day!

    • avatar
      Vanessa Copeland 


      @Shawn, I’ve glad you like my creative spin on internet marketing! I had a lot of fun writing it. Surprisingly I was super hungry the whole time I was writing the post! 😉

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