Why Your App Needs Digital Marketing Support

Why Your App Needs Digital Marketing Support

There are millions of mobile applications out there and they are all competing for your attention and, of course, your money. Sure, you may have the best idea for a particular app – but who’s going to see it when it gets launched? How are you going to market your app when it’s ready to be launched amongst the competition?

When starting an app, you need the right Digital Marketing in order for it to be successful. Many app developers often overlook some simple concepts and I’ve listed some insights to help your app get downloaded onto people’s devices.

Social Proofing Is Essential

If your application doesn’t have a website then it’s not going to take off to the moon as you’d hope. Websites define what the app is trying to achieve and allow the developer to display more messages and meaning behind the app. By developing a Landing page with strong content, you’ll entice the user to at least download the app and check it out.

Testimonials and reviews are also massive for applications and monitoring the feedback you receive is necessary for your reputation and for the app to survive.

Content is King

I’m stating the obvious here, but placing use cases on a website will only increase your chances of having your app downloaded. Other ways to showcase your app include a video demo as most users want to see the functionality before testing it out. Some examples I’ve seen include an influencer doing a review on YouTube with links to download in the description.

Social Media promotion is a given. Your social media channels need to be in sync and posts need to be coordinated with incoming updates, milestones, and differentiators to intrigue the potential user.

Keeping an Eye on Your Competition

Competitive analyses allow developers to pivot and differentiate themselves from similar apps. Skip the Dishes keeps an eye on what DoorDash is doing, and you should do the same with your app and the industry it serves.

Having a monthly competitive analysis and a strong Customer Relationship Management platform will allow you to make data-driven decisions that could be the difference between being number 1 and number 2 on the download charts.

SEO Applies to App Stores Too

It’s called the Google Play Store for a reason. Yes, your app’s website will need to be optimized for Google, but having the right keywords on the App is just as important. Just type in “Exercise” and see what comes up. Having the right keywords tied to your application is crucial to getting noticed.

If you’re looking to take your application to the top, then look no further than TechWyse. These tools take time to implement, and our agency will do the research and help you understand how your competition stacks up so you can focus on other parts of your business and, of course, your app!

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