What Will The Internet Look Like in 15 Years?

What Will The Internet Look Like in 15 Years?

The scale of the Internet and its affect on our daily lives has grown exponentially over the last decade. In just 10 years, the Internet brought the music industry to its knees and revitalized the film industry with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. We were given smartphones which went from novelty to daily necessity in half a decade. Leaps and bounds is an understatement. Pew Research published a survey where they asked experts to weigh in on the future of the Internet just 10 years into the future. Here’s what they had to say:

Future Web

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The Internet will be invisible

Not invisible, as in unseen, but rather so seamlessly connected with our daily lives that we will stop thinking of it as an entity unto itself. Sort of like how we just expect the lights to turn on when we flip the switch, with hardly any consideration to the electrical processes at work within the walls. Our jobs, homes, cars and stores will all be online all the time. Joe Touch, director at the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute, predicted, “The Internet will shift from the place we find cat videos to a background capability that will be a seamless part of how we live our everyday lives. We won’t think about ‘going online’ or ‘looking on the Internet’ for something — we’ll just be online, and just look.”

The Internet will reduce our ignorance

There are already more careers that work remotely than ever before. As the Internet continues to spread around the world, new types of friendships, relationships, rivalries, collaborations and industries will spawn. As the interconnected nature of the Internet invariably brings information along with it, people will have easier access to the truth, and may have less misconceptions or miseducation.

The Internet will make us better people

Humans will always be humans. There will likely always be bullying, discrimination, hatred and all the ugly things we are capable of as a species. The free flow of information, feedback and interaction will make us increasingly more aware of the consequences of our behavior, and will in turn, encourage good behavior while discouraging negative behavior.

The Internet will make us better people

The Internet will be fashionable

Wearable technology is already on the rise. With tech like Google Glass and Apple’s rumored iWatch, they may start to see widespread use as early as next year. Wearable tech may prove invaluable at keeping us healthy, organized, up-to-date and plugged in like never before. If they rise of the smartphone is any indication, in 10 years we may not remember life without wearables. Daren C. Brabham, a professor at the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, University of Southern California, said, “We will grow accustomed to seeing the world through multiple data layers. This will change a lot of social practices, such as dating, job interviewing and professional networking, and gaming, as well as policing and espionage.”

The Internet will birth nations

The idea of a “virtual state” may become a real political reality in the near future. As people are able to connect in larger numbers than any other time in history, they may merge together and separate themselves from their individual governments. The powers that be may be incapable of doing anything about it. David Hughes, an Internet pioneer, said “When every person on this planet can reach, and communicate two-way, with every other person on this planet, the power of nation-states to control every human inside its geographic boundaries may start to diminish.”

The Internet will eliminate privacy

Social media has caused a number of people to voluntarily surrender their privacy for the sake of perceived fame, popularity or perhaps just the lack of a therapist. As convenience and other immediate benefits continue to crop up, people will continue to hand over the privacy in return. The ease with which an interested user can determine many personal details about a given individual, just by the information they post about themselves publicly, is unmatched. Such trends ought only be expected to continue at least as quickly as the technology allows them to do so.

While many of these predictions stem from the observable modern day trends, they are nonetheless trends over long periods of time with fairly predictable arcs. It stands to reason, then, that barring some large, unforeseen event things will continue on their current trajectory, enhanced and evolved by the technologies on which they reside.

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  • avatar
    albert evans 


    A very interesting article and truly plausible. I trust we have not embarked upon a monstrosity. We are no doubt well aware that good intentions often precede man’s inventions. However, what often develops is not always harmless. And the Internet will not escape the vagaries of demented human minds.
    Interesting, but, frightening also.

  • avatar

    I have asked that question severally with no conclusive and lucid answer…Looking at technology today one would wonder what it will be like in years to come..
    Russia, Korea is already thinking of starting work on 5D when 4D has not really penetrated, with amazon thinking of having drones deliver packages to people, it has been tested, accident victims getting reconstructive surgeries with the aid of 3D printing, building a house in 24hrs with 3D printing, the list goes on and on…
    One thing I know is in 15 years time, everything will be techy, alot of things will be easier, human living especially but it will come with its problems like the privacy issue, radiation and the rest of it, whichever way the pros will be more than the cons..
    One cannot categorically say what the internet will be like in 15 years time but it is going to be a whole lot better.

  • avatar
    Arun Kallarackal 


    When it comes to internet and related technology, exponential growth is taking place. Along with this amazing growth, it’ll bring in some jaw dropping surprises.
    Some surprises may be pleasant, like, you said, it will make us better people and help reduce our ignorance. On the other hand, some surprises may not be that good, like, invasion and lack of privacy. By the way, privacy has grown on to become one of the biggest concerns as of now.
    With the uber cool gadgets that are all set to roll in, privacy will be pushed further back! Let’s wait and watch how things will unfurl. Definitely, the excitement is there 🙂
    I found this post thanks to Kingged.com. I’m Kingging it there so that more people read this cool article.

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