What Is Video Scribing and Why Is It Important?

What Is Video Scribing and Why Is It Important

The age of the Internet means that people are used to having a certain degree of immediacy in all of their media. This also means that there is a huge amount of competition when it comes to videos. One method that’s gained a lot of notoriety recently in standing out from the crowd is video scribing. Those who use this technique will end up with a serious advantage.

 What Is Video Scribing and Why Is It Important

What Is Video Scribing?

Video scribing is essentially a technique for recording the live drawing process of an artist. In particular, it’s more than just hitting the record button when an artist is drawing and pointing a camera at them.  You have to combine many different elements together. A good word to describe this is multi-sensory. You will need audio, video and other interactive elements to get the full effect. Video scribing combines the basic illustration techniques from an artist with elements like stop motion photography, video editing, audio engineering and animation procedures.

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The main benefits of this approach include especially the flexibility involved. Depending on what you have available in terms of programs and talent, you can emphasize one element over another in your videos. If you know people who are skilled artists, you can focus more on the actual drawing elements. If video editing is more your thing, or if it’s easier for you to accomplish for whatever reason, then you can focus more on this instead.

Whiteboard Animations

Additionally, it makes a lot of sense to try this out if you plan on focusing on whiteboard animations in order to promote your business. This is often a wise idea; after all, since whiteboard animations often give your business promotions a much more personal feel. People like to get a sense for who you are and what your business does.  There are so many video advertisements out there these days that the more produced ones tend to make people yawn. They have no personal note to them People tend to ignore them because they seem too fake. Those types of videos don’t really communicate any personal information or connect very well with audiences. On the other hand, whiteboard animations tend to be a lot more fun to watch from beginning to end, in part because they make the audience feel like they are friends with the business owners, that they know intimate details about them.


This is the advantage of video scribing and whiteboard animations. In particular, the videography aspect of whiteboard animations will lend strength to the animations because just drawing and recording it is what everyone does. Being able to slow or speed up the pace of the drawing is important, for example. It’s also useful to be able to add sound effects to everything that happens on screen. If someone is opening the door in the animation, then a door opening sound effect will make the whole process seem a lot more real and realistic than it would otherwise. In addition, this will make the advertising much more efficient. It’s important to make these videos the kind that will go viral and that people will love to share, and the more production value you can add to them the better off you’ll be in the long run.

This is why going with a company like Infographic World, or a similar company to do your animations for you is often a good idea. Professional companies will know exactly how to add all of these elements in and they will have the video scribing experience to prove it.

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