This Week: Social for Link Building, On-Site SEO Problems, and Content Personality

This Week: Social for Link Building, On-Site SEO Problems, and Content Personality

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the savviest and insightful articles from across the web. We’re looking at social media marketing for link building, as well as SEO problems that hold back e-commerce sites, and a content strategy with brand personality. We’re also looking at major web mistakes, and ways to optimize your PPC performance.

Social Media Marketing for Link Building: Top Tactics & Strategies


In your SEO strategy, you may be prioritizing backlinks and keywords without realizing the role that social media plays in your SEO plan. Aleh Barysevich emphasizes the impact social has on SEO by sticking us with a few statistics that stand out: "88% of advanced SEOs include links in social media profiles, 85% share content in social media, and 53% run viral campaigns." Aleh mentions that the sure way to earn links is to go viral, which is a challenge -- but it can be mastered if you know the art of viral marketing. So, start paying attention and see your social media platforms as opportunities for link building.

7 On-Site SEO Problems that Hold Back E-Commerce Sites

If your e-commerce site is not experiencing any traffic organically, SEO may be the culprit. So what does this mean for your site? Pratik Dholakiya from Search Engine Land outlines 7 on-site SEO problems that may be dragging down your e-commerce site. A few problems he lists include weak product descriptions, not including user reviews, implementing poorly planned site redesigns, and more. It's important to keep SEO top-of-mind when making any changes to your website and ensuring that you are not committing any of these SEO crimes. Watch the organic traffic flood in once you make these changes with the help of an SEO guru!

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy with Brand Personality

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 What is the purpose of a content marketing strategy without great content? You can stuff keywords in your article all you want, but, if your content isn't great, then it just won't make the cut! Michael Brenner takes a close look at what makes a great content marketing strategy, and it all comes down to brand personality and imagination. Once you have your brand voice and vision identified, it's time to study your buyers and your competitors in the space. What are other brands doing right with their content strategy? Once you identify these sweet spots, you'll be ready to take off with your content.

3 Web Design Mistakes That Lead To Millions In Lost Revenue


Unfortunately, when you're developing your business and focusing on the big picture, you can miss the small stuff. And, in this case, sometimes the small stuff makes a big impact on your revenue. Gabriel Shaoolian shows you how to optimize your web strategy so that you can be successful online and catch the small mistakes before they make an impact. Gabriel mentions that your website should be responsive, easy-to-read with click contact information, and have readily available CTA buttons. Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the small steps you can make to kick your conversions up a notch.

Top 8 Ideas to Optimize Your PPC Performance


Even if you think you have your PPC strategy down to a science, it's important to gather ideas from around the web and note what you're missing out on or what you could be doing better. In this article, Lisa Raehsler suggests that you limit keywords (around 15-20 per adgroup), review search terms, and exclude ad placements on mobile apps and games. PPC can be a complex world if you don't know the ins and outs, but you should always be looking for ways to optimize your PPC campaign so that you aren't throwing your money away online. With a few tweaks, your PPC campaign will be ready to go!

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