This Week: Rank On Page One, Build Brand Loyalty On Social Media, and Essential Technical SEO

This Week: Rank On Page One, Build Brand Loyalty On Social Media, and Essential Technical SEO

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles from across the web. We’re looking at tips to rank on page one of Google, boosting conversions with retargeting, and developing content for the customer journey. We’re also looking at how to increase brand loyalty with social media, and essential aspects of technical SEO.

5 Best Practices That Will Help You Rank On Page One Of Google

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Marketers and business owners often want to rank on page one of Google. But in order to have a shot at this position, you must practice key SEO techniques. An integral part of your design process should be user experience -- and this should be applied before your website launches. The online buying journey is critical for consumers. If you’re not providing an easy site navigation, or if your site takes longer than three second to load, you're losing out on potential customers. Lastly but surely not least: quality content – the backbone of an effective SEO strategy. It's important to provide consumers with the content that their looking for. Discover what’s trending and select the right keywords to use in your content to drive traffic to your site. Start implementing the right SEO practices to your site and watch your ranking steadily increase.

How to Bring Your Potential Customers Back With Retargeting

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Thinking of remarketing? This blog has some tips to help you get started. Users who visit your site are oftentimes not ready to take action, such as making a purchase or booking for  an appointment, for example. With that being said, repeating the same message won’t be effective. Those who’ve clicked on your ad are clearly interested. These potential customers may have unresolved issues with your company’s site – they might not sure if giving up their information will be worth what their getting. Make the user feel comfortable with converting through compelling retargeting messaging. Reinforce the value of your product or company, improve the simplicity and speed of completing a form, implement a strongly secure site structure, and so on.

Developing Content For the Customer Journey


User experience is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Use your content to help fill in the gaps that the users are experiencing. For example, you may have not provided the best answer to a question the user was looking for on your site. By offering content on relevant topics/keywords of high quality and description, you’ll be preventing the visitor from having to go back to the search engine ranking page, and instead stay on your site. A great method to ensure well written content is to set a dedicated content plan for each page. All should serve a different purpose, but quality must always be a top priority. If you create content on a trending topic but is lacking quality you’re going to lose your audience. Do yourself a favor and start focusing on how to fill in those gaps in the best way possible.

6 Ways to Increase Brand Loyalty on Social Media


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When it comes to social media, engagement and overall brand loyalty is crucial. There are multiple ways to increase brand loyalty, starting with creating a smart social media strategy. Focus on SEO and link building -- identify the value that you bring to the market that differentiates yourself from the competition. Secondly, share quality content. The content itself and the format in which you present it is important– remember that quality content will give you the best ROI. Lastly, be consistent. People remember others for their strongest personality trait, hence why it’s important to create a consistent image on favorable traits. You can do so by sharing content and even engaging in conversations with your followers.

5 Essential Aspects of Technical SEO You Cannot Neglect


This article reports that over 50% of your site's traffic is organic, which means that without proper implementation of technical SEO, your placement on SERPs will be negatively affected -- leading to an overall decrease in visitors, ultimately impacting revenue. Do not neglect site accessibility. Verify the accessibility for both search engines and users. Secondly, analyse site structure. Navigation throughout should clear and simple. Lastly, your schema markup should be up-to-date with events, Q&A’s, or transcripts for videos, as this is what provides search engines with extended information about your site, and you don’t want interruptions from Google's algorithm updates. Start working on your technical SEO to maintain positive results on the SERP.

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