This Week: Quick SEO Results, Snapchat Analytics, and Best UGC E-Commerce Campaigns

This Week: Quick SEO Results, Snapchat Analytics, and Best UGC E-Commerce Campaigns

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This week in internet marketing, we’re covering how video content can increase your SEO standing, Snapchat's new analytics offering, and the best User Generated Content campaigns. We also cover the removal of Google's View Image button and the new ad blocking extension for Google Chrome and what it means for advertisers, publishers, and users.

How Videos Generate Quick SEO Results


You may not be a content or media-oriented company but that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from higher ranking search results that come from using videos. Deepasha Kakkar makes the case for video content, how it can impact search results, and covers best practices too. “According to, a well-optimized video can increase your chances of getting featured on the front page of Google by as much as a factor of 53.” Creating a simple short 'how-to' video can give you the results you’re after. Transcribing a video and ensuring that it is uploaded across all platforms can help to rank your video as well. As videos continue to surge as the most consumed type of online content, it’s only natural that search engines will favour this trend.

Snapchat Gives Creators Access to Audience Analytics

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Snapchat has rolled out a more robust set of analytics in an effort likely to lure influencers back onto their platform. Although it’s limited to creators that have a large audience, it gives anyone serious about growing their brand (and making money) information to be able to customize their content. After Instagram launched their own stories feature, many creators opted to use Instagram only, moving away from Snapchat. “The number of daily active users publishing stories on Instagram has actually exceeded Snapchat’s entire daily active user base.” However, Snapchat’s access to story views, engagement, and demographics may be the encouragement they need to return.

The 9 Best E-Commerce UGC Campaigns on Instagram

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Before making a purchase, customers want know that others have enjoyed your product/service. User Generated Content (a product review as an example) is one of the most authentic ways that can make a consumer trust your brand. Even though UGC is common across all platforms, Instagram is the social platform mostly used by influencers because of “its visual nature, simplicity, and usability on mobile devices.” Michael Ugino looks at nine different brands that are consistently using UGC as part of their online strategy.  Implementing simple campaigns such as offering a reward or recognition for UGC or Reposting can positively impact a brand's trust and lead to sales.

Google Image Search Removes View Image Button and Search by Image Feature

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Following last week’s news of the partnership between Google and Getty Images, Google announced the removal of its View Image button, likely in an effort to reduce copyright infringement. The removal of the button means that users cannot navigate to the image they searched for (and download). Instead, users can click on the Visit button to view the image in context on the website that is hosting the picture. Users will have to comply with the website’s rules too. This change, along with the copyright disclaimer being more visible, discourages people from stealing.

FAQ: Google Chrome Ad Blocking is Here. Everything You Need to Know.

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Ginny Marvin breaks down all you need to know about the Google's Ad Blocker criteria and how this will impact users, advertisers, and publishers. The Chrome update will block disruptive ad experiences such as video ads that play at full volume. Google is adhering to the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads to determine if a website will receive a Passing, Warning, or Failing grade based on the percentage of page views that contain a poor experience. If a company is found to be in violation of the standards, it will be given 30 days to get in line. After 30 days, Chrome will begin to block the ads.

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