This Week: Optimized URL Structure, Paid Campaign Improvements, and Boosting Social Engagement

This Week: Optimized URL Structure, Paid Campaign Improvements, and Boosting Social Engagement

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles from across the web. We’re looking at tips to optimize your URL structure for SEO, as well as strategies to improve your paid search campaigns, and how to develop an effective content strategy. We’re also looking at tips to engage your customers on social, and key elements of a successful landing page.

8 SEO Tips to Optimize Your URL Structure



First impressions are everything, and your website is the first impression a customer has of your business. One element of your website that you should not ignore is URL structure. To have SEO success in the future, it’s crucial to optimize for targeted keywords. Do research -- and if there are multiple spelling variations of the keyword that are grammatically correct, dig to see which version carries the most relevant traffic for your company. Keep it simple and avoid unnecessary words and characters. Be sure to always keep UX in mind. Make the URL clear so that the user can understand where it will lead.  Optimize your URL structure with these tips and you will notice a positive change.

Seven Tips to Improve Your Paid Search Campaigns



Make your search campaign as successful as possible be with the following tips. First, set up conversion tracking. What’s the point of having data if you can’t learn from it? This will help you find the best strategies to improve your ROI. Next, focus on quality keywords as this will save you both time and money. Furthermore, create a landing page for each of your paid search ads. This will not only help with quality score but will also lead to an increase in conversions as the user will land on a conversion-optimized and targeted page. Lastly, focus on the image of your ad -- make it visually appealing, relevant, and, of course, high quality. We hope these tips will help your search campaign be successful.

How to Build a World-Class Content Marketing Plan

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The key to success is planning. When planning a content marketing strategy, there are some steps you should follow. First, discover your audiences personas. With this information, you can create content that you know will be of value to your audience. Use data visualization as this makes it easier for people to listen to you and is more intriguing to read. Additionally, know what your goals are for your content before you start creating, so that every strategy everything has a purpose. Lastly, use a data-driven approach to help perfect your content. Data has the ability to inform you on which content resonates best with your audience. Content is a key factor in any company, so use these tips to master and perfect your material.

How to Use Social Data to Engage Your Consumers


With social media's high success rate, companies have been focusing on increasing user engagement on multiple platforms. One way to increase engagement is to identify what's trending on social media and incorporate that with your company’s personal touch. Furthermore, understand what’s happening on a local and global scale in order to stay informed and leverage that knowledge to make an impactful campaign. Additionally, leverage user-generated content as it drives better engagement and awareness to those outside of your company’s existing customer base. The more engagement your company’s social media accounts, the better.

Landing Page Tools For A Successful Online Marketing Campaign


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As with any campaign, the goal is to produce leads or sales and maintain a high conversion rate -- but, ideally, conversions are what you're really aiming for. A great way to increase your conversion rate is to use landing page tools, as a great landing page helps increase conversions. Implement multiple forms per page, and give the user more than one opportunity to leave their contact details. A/B test different versions of your landing page, and track conversions to continuously improve. Last but not least: optimize your landing pages for mobile. The landing page should have a clear message paired with a clear CTA. Improve your landing page and your conversion rate will improve as well.

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