This Week: Lower Your CPC, Understand Responsive Design, and Develop Your SEO Strategy

This Week in Internet Marketing

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most advanced and authoritative articles from across the web. We’re looking at strengthening your AdWords campaign's CPC, as well as content distribution strategies, and responsive web design. We’re also looking at exploring your social media audience growth, and getting the most value out of your SEO strategy.

7 Tips to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck When Buying Ads


Like everything on the web, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an extremely competitive market. You need the right strategy and the right budget to lower your cost per click (CPC) and compete with the big-dogs online. This article will show you how to lower your CPC with a few strategies that aim to put your business on the map and strengthen your AdWords campaign's CPC. One strategy mentioned is to test your ads by creating a few different variations. You might think that one picture will perform well when really the image you least suspect gains the most traction and improves your performance. It's also crucial that you consider different match types when targeting your keywords, as your CPC can drastically change across the board. Lowering your CPC requires you to always be open to improvement when looking at your conversion rate and to use a well-thought-out strategy to test out the waters online.

10 Ways to Distribute One Piece of Content (Besides Social Shares)


The secret is out, and businesses now know the importance of good content. However, this means that simply posting your content online will no longer work as a strategy. Nowadays, if you don't have a content distribution strategy planned, your content will remain stagnant and traffic will plateau. This article dives into five tactics that will help you boost your marketing ROIs including personalized emails, guest posting, and influencer outreach as a few of these suggestions. Guest posting is an important part of any content distribution strategy, as you can achieve your reach goals while advertising your brand in a reputable publication. So, instead of viewing content distribution as an optional strategy, you should be prioritizing this strategy with every article you publish.

Understanding The Basics Of Responsive Website Design

In today's digital age, it is not enough to design your website for a desktop screen alone, and this article emphasizes the importance of responsive design for both mobile and tablet screens. Responsive web design (RWD) is something to prioritize as a designer because you want your website to be responsive across every device that is available to your user. Data becomes critical, as you can find out what device your audience most prefers and cater your site to this particular screen. Scalable navigation is another huge component of RWD and the understanding that what is working on a desktop screen may not be translating well on a mobile device. You have to correct the user experience across these devices so that your audience can easily navigate your site from their office, mobile, or tablet screens.

4 Quick Social Media Hacks To Explode Your Audience Growth


Any brand can start their own social media accounts by creating a simple Facebook page or Twitter page, for example, but the challenge is staying on top of your newsfeed while engaging with your social audience. This blog shares a few insights about how to increase your growth while engaging with your following in the right way. Firstly, you have to post great content and ensure that you tell your brand story to your audience. Secondly, you should be capitalizing on social media trends like the "meme trend." Memes are extremely visible and shareable on social media, and if you aren't up-to-date with these latest social media trends, your content will have little to no engagement. Lastly, you need to invest in your social media budget and offer your consumers value. These are only a few of the suggestions mentioned, but, without personalizing your accounts, your followers are likely to click on that "unfollow" button without hesitation.

5 Things Every SEO Strategy Needs


Instead of following a step-by-step, generic SEO strategy, it's beneficial to create a strategy that is catered to your specific business. This article will outline five key points to keep in mind when developing your SEO plan. A crucial element to this strategy is having an in-depth understanding of your company and knowing how to get the most value out of your SEO by asking questions such as, "Where is the company really hurting right now?" or "What is the company's vision?" By asking yourself these questions, you can determine the direction to take in early development.

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