This Week: LinkedIn Native Videos, Facebook’s Branded Content Policy, and Infographic Design Tips

This Week: LinkedIn Native Videos, Facebook’s Branded Content Policy, and Infographic Design Tips

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This week in internet marketing, we’re covering LinkedIn Native Videos, changes to Facebook's Branded Content Policy, and tips for creating a successful infographic. We also review reasons for hiring an agency to manage an AdWords account and look into the rise in smart phone/smart speaker voice interaction.

What You Need to Know About LinkedIn Native Videos

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Is your business ready for the LinkedIn Videos wave? If not, Guy Sheerit explains why you should be as LinkedIn begins rolling out its Native Videos upgrade to users. It’s estimated that by 2020, almost 80% of web traffic will be driven by video content. With LinkedIn driving up native videos in feeds over embedded videos, it’s an opportunity for your business to drive up engagement and to access insights about your audience (job title, employer, etc). Imagine creating better content and improving your reach! Video content can vary from short interviews with employees, workplace culture, product launches, to behind-the-scenes exclusives. Videos will play on silent loop, can be tagged, and have accompanying text.

Facebook Updates Branded Content Policy to Clarify What Qualifies as Content


Effective this March, Facebook is updating its branded content policy to stop publishers and creators from being paid to post content they weren’t involved in making. Facebook defines branded content as “a creator or publisher's content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value”. To bar publishers, creators and brands from abusing the loose definition of branded content, Facebook has added the following to their policy: “Don’t accept anything of value to post content that you did not create or were not involved in the creation of, or that does not feature you.” A system will be in place that will recognize a business relationship between two Pages and any content found to be in breach of the new policy will have its reach impacted.

Survey: People Becoming Less Inhibited About Using Voice Search in Public

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For a second year, Stone Temple Consulting conducted a survey to look at the mobile voice usage trend. The results indicate that voice interaction shows no signs of slowing down. People are less self conscious about speaking to their phones in public citing the following reasons for using voice: it’s fast, no typing required, accuracy, and answers are read back by a VA. Interestingly, the study found that men, aged 25 to 44 years old are more likely to use voice search and users in general use the function for mobile browsing and texting friends.

7 Infographic Design Tips to Maintain the Look and Feel of Your Brand

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It’s fact that the brain processes images faster and so it’s no surprise that visual content performs and sells better. Visuals grab your attention and are more shareable too, which explains why infographics are the type of content that is most shared by readers. According to Visme, a successful infographic should incorporate a clear vision, valuable information (a how-to-guide or cheat sheet as examples), captivating graphics, and a professional look. To help maintain the look and feel of a brand, incorporate these essential elements: appropriate colour palette, readable fonts, logo placement, images, icons, graphs and charts, and tone of voice.

5 Advantages of Using an Agency to Manage Google AdWords Campaigns

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There are clear advantages to having an agency manage your AdWords Account. Here, Susan Wenograd covers reasons why you should consider making the switch from managing your own account to the benefits of having an agency on board. AdWords requires varying levels of expertise and having a team managing your account gives you access to that knowledge. One particular benefit is an agency's relationship with Google can translate to an opportunity to try brand-new methods that your competition may not have access to. Additionally, their knowledge eliminates trial and error, and they can provide a fresh perspective, different ways of thinking and strategy.

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