This Week: Kickstarting Your Instagram Sales, Migrating Your SEO-Optimized Site, and Discovering Ecommerce Design Trends for 2018

This Week: Kickstarting Your Instagram Sales, Migrating Your SEO-Optimized Site, and Discovering Ecommerce Design Trends for 2018

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting and fresh articles from across the web. We’re looking at your SEO checklist, as well as kickstarting your Instagram sales, and content writing no-nos. We’re also looking at dealing with PPC performance downturns, and e-commerce site design trends for 2018.

A Site Migration SEO Checklist: Don’t Lose Traffic


With many sites making the move to HTTPS, Pratik Dholakiya emphasizes the importance of keeping SEO top-of-mind before the big move. Find a checklist in the article above that you can follow to ensure that your site transition is a seamless one. A few points from Pratik's checklist include firstly, considering if migration is the right choice, secondly, using a sandbox, thirdly, planning to migrate during a slow period. The checklist includes 24 points in total, as there are many steps to consider before moving your website without proper guidance. Remember to keep SEO in mind before you make the move to HTTPS, preserving your domain authority in the process.

7 Simple Tactics to Kickstart Your Instagram Sales Funnel


Brock Murray highlights Instagram's growth and the fact that Instagram has now become one of the world's most successful marketplaces. A few tactics to improve your sales strategy are mentioned including adding a call to action to your Instagram bio, adding links to your stories, and collaborating with successful influencers. These are only a few of the tactics mentioned, but there are free ways to amp up your presence on Instagram and encourage your followers to become customers. Show that your business is hip and relevant while encouraging your customers to buy into your "follow-worthy" brand.

Stop Obsessing: Here Are 7 Areas Where Perfectionism Hinders Good Writing [Infographic]

STOP OBSESSING- Here Are 7 Areas Where Perfectionism Hinders Good Writing [INFOGRAPHIC]-min

When you're writing your blog post are you pausing every few seconds to ensure your post isn't littered with grammatical errors or using the backspace button more than any other keyboard key? If yes, you need to read Amanda Zantal-Wiener's blog on how perfectionism is hindering your writing. In her infographic, she outlines the differences between perfectionists and pragmatists. One example she uses is how perfectionists are always looking to write the perfect sentence, while pragmatists just focus on getting their ideas down on paper. As a writer, it can be easy to criticize your work, but your content should speak to your reader and satisfy their needs—not yours.

2-Step Methodology for Dealing with PPC Performance Downturns


Jeff Baum explains that if your PPC performance suddenly downturns, it's crucial that you are prepared to deal with this situation in a proactive manner. Instead of getting defensive, Jeff suggests that you follow a 2-step methodology for dealing with this situation, without losing faith in your PPC expertise. Step 1 is to diagnose the problem and find out exactly when and why this downturn started occurring. Step 2 is to communicate what the problem is while recommending solutions to your customer or client. It's important to own the issue and communicate transparently while recommending next steps to alleviate the issue. PPC downturn is inevitable, but it's about the way you handle this situation that matters.

5 Ecommerce Site Design Trends for 2018


In the article above, Armando Roggio lists the top ecommerce site design trends that will be popular in the year to come. These trends include CSS Grid Layout, full-screen search forms, video, microinteractions, and guided selling. We are seeing a few of these trends becoming popular already, especially when looking at video marketing. More and more users are looking for videos to educate, entertain, and enlighten them. Honing in on microinteractions, these interactions reward users for successfully completing tasks such as writing reviews, purchasing a product, or subscribing to a newsletter. These are a few of the main web design trends you will want to incorporate in the new year to keep up with the times and stay fresh online.

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