This Week: Blogging For Businesses, AdWords Awareness, and SEO for Images

This Week in Internet Marketing

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles from across the web. We’re looking at tips to refresh Facebook ad copy, as well as how to choose the right colour palette for your website, and the importance of blogging for your business. We’re also looking at the importance of images for SEO, and misunderstood areas within AdWords.

How to Refresh Your Tired Facebook Ad Copy


This article highlights some simple tips you can use to bring some life back into your Facebook ad copy. First, it's important to keep in mind what your customers are thinking. Let’s do some role trading -- what would you as a consumer love? Free shipping? Better cancellation terms? Figure out what those wants are and incorporate them into your copy. Use emojis to differentiate yourself from the competition. These help you to stand out while improving communication. Additionally, confidence and a clear CTA go hand in hand. Express confidence and encouragement in your ads to lead people to your site, and once they're there, the CTA lets them know what actions to take next. Lastly, people want to feel special -- use ad copy that creates a sense of exclusiveness and urgency to encourage users to take action now.

A Handy List of Resources for Picking the Perfect Website Color Palette


Every element of your website matters, right down to the color palette. The colors you choose tell consumers who you are and what you’re about, thus they must reflect your brand correctly and present the personality of your website. If you’re aiming for a luxurious look, colors such as black, gold, and white will help represent that, whereas green implies a more natural look. If you already have a logo created, follow it’s colors and incorporate them into the site to create unison with your brand. If you’re starting from scratch, there are numerous tools that can help you find the exact color that you’re looking for or help you choose best fit.

5 Benefits of Blogging for Businesses


Blogging is the backbone of your business. The benefits are endless -- blogging helps drive online traffic, increase conversion rates and engagement, build authority, and grow interest for your products and services. Can it get any better? All these benefits just from making a few blog posts a week -- but wait, there’s  a catch: it has to be quality content! Don’t be a lazy blogger, be an effective blogger by giving the viewers what they’re looking for. Let them know what you can do for them, and make your blog their destination when looking for information in your industry. This article outlines how blogging can help you to be the cool kid on the block that everyone wants to know.

SEO for Photos, Visuals, and Graphics + How to Rank in Google Image Search


Image Source

Is SEO for images useless? Absolutely not! In fact, one third of searches on Google are for images, and 12.5% of all searches display in the Image Pack. Let’s get you on that pack! Start by determining your SEO goals and analyze these goals in combination with your keyword research list, then audit the list for image visibility. Make sure to set clear guidelines for content creators on the image caption, alt attribute, and dimensions -- and stick with 16x9 or 4x3 square images.  Now that you have awesome images, create a list of SEO opportunities to pursue. Pinpoint which keywords carry image blocks when searched. Lastly, perform an image optimization audit to determine where you can improve on your current images.

4 critical areas to consider when performing AdWords audits


AdWords audits are highly beneficial, but what if you were neglecting areas that could lead to potential opportunities? There are 4 critical areas that businesses are neglecting or poorly analyzing, let’s make sure that’s not you. Properly understanding conversion tracking will give you a better idea of where your conversions are occurring. Also, don’t focus too much on efficiency and forget to think about volume, as the two go hand in hand. Additionally, be sure to prioritize mobile. We’re living in a mobile world so we need to keep that platform in mind when creating these ads. Finally, make sure that your ad groups are not interchangeable, this will prevent the incorrect ad from appearing on unintended search results.

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    Excellent roundup. By now every business should understand the fundamentals of blogging but I think where a lot of people are leaving traffic on the table is in Google image search.
    Great post!

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