This Week In Internet Marketing 2017 03 07

This Week In Internet Marketing 2017 03 07

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting articles from across the web. We’re looking at tips to optimize your site for user experience, as well as common misconceptions about SEO, and how to write content that earns links long-term. We’re also looking at tips for writing ad copy, and how to split test Facebook ads.

Revamp Your Website Pages for Better User Experience

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A positive user experience is crucial to the success of your digital marketing strategy. This article outlines some tips you can use to revamp your website and boost conversions. Avoid keyword stuffing, and ensure you're strategically using keywords that accurately describe your business. Improve your website design by making it easy for users to scan your content with easy to read font, subtitles, simple navigation and more. Include an easily accessible page or section of your website that clearly explains your business and includes your unique selling points. Lastly, make your URL simple and contact information easily accessible-- and refresh and optimize old content.

6 Common Misconceptions About SEO that Can Hurt Your Digital Marketing

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Strategic SEO can improve your organic ranking, drive traffic and improve conversions. The SEO landscape is continuously evolving, and it's important to separate myth from truth in order to achieve success online. It's important to remember that SEO is a process that requires consistency -- and pausing the process of link building, on-page and off-page SEO and content could negatively impact your ranking. Additionally, SEO isn't just about building links anymore, it's about building quality, authoritative links. Well-researched, relevant keywords in combination with high quality content can improve your SEO, and content and SEO continue to work hand in hand to produce results.

How to Create Content That Keeps Earning Links (Even After You Stop Promoting It)

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Content marketing can offer long-term benefits for link building. Ideally, your content should continue to generate links even after you've finished doing outreach. In order to continue to generate links for your content, this article recommends writing content that acts as a source or citation for other articles. Include original research and new data in your content, and pitch it to relevant websites in order to be easily found by other publishers. Write content that analyzes the latest industry trends and insights in order to establish your authority, and curate data to cut down on research time. Lastly, cover the basics of your chosen topics with 101 content.

Should You Bother Rewriting Your Ads?



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There are a variety of ways to optimize your paid search campaigns to yield positive results. Most marketers and business owners neglect to view ad copy as a tool for conversion -- however, testing and tweaking ad copy can significantly improve your overall campaign. Compelling ad copy should evoke an emotional reaction in the user by offering a solution to the problem they were searching to resolve. Additionally, make your product or service the logical choice for users by including words or phrases that show your products or services have a proven track record of success. Lastly, target selective perception in users by including ads that are relevant to the keywords a user is searching.

5 Split Testing Tips to Improve Facebook Ads



Thanks to Facebook's targeting capabilities, ads on the social media platform have the potential to become highly successful and generate significant revenue. Split testing two versions of your ad can help you to determine which will perform better, and this article outlines the most important elements to test. Start with one image for all your ads, and test small tweaks on the most successful version -- such as colour schemes, location or image specific images, and people, to name a few. Test your headline, trying some negative and some positive, in addition to questions and statistics, for example.  You can test the body text of your ad by incorporating testimonials, statistics and call-to-action (CTA) buttons. Lastly, test your landing page to optimize for conversions and test you audience by building lookalike audiences.

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