This Week In Internet Marketing 2017 02 28

This Week In Internet Marketing 2017 02 28

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most helpful and interesting articles from across the web. We’re looking at brand advertising through PPC, as well as tips for writing content for Google RankBrain, and how to improve your website's structure. We’re also looking at tips to create profitable Facebook ads, and how to use your website to drive sales.

Branding Success: How to Use PPC to Amplify Your Brand


Brand advertising through PPC campaigns can help you to more easily generate leads and retain customers. To be seen as a top choice for your potential customer or client, hone your ad copy and ensure your sitelinks are organized to meet the needs and interests of the user -- and make it easy to contact you with location and call extensions. Additionally, try bidding on long-tail keywords that answer a user's question, and incorporate SEO into your PPC strategy by bidding on terms that support your content. Lastly, retain customers with strategic remarketing based on products a user has bought before or similar products they might like.

How to Write SEO Content to Appease Google RankBrain

Content for SEO

Google's algorithms are continuously changing, with one of the most important updates being RankBrain -- an artificially intelligent algorithm that seeks and prioritizes unique, engaging and valuable content. To improve your position in SERPs, focus on long-tail, natural keywords and queries and avoid forcing keywords into content. Instead, write clearly and offer relevant information. RankBrain also positively recognizes mobile-optimized websites, so ensure that user experience for your website is seamless across all devices. Most importantly, create content that is well-researched and valuable to the reader.

How Website Structure Affects SEO

Website structure and SEO

Often, marketers forget the importance of website structure to a successful SEO strategy. Unlike website design, structure refers to how the pages are linked together -- not how they physically appear. A poor website structure could lead to crawlability issues -- Google's ability to crawl your website's text for information. Ensure to place internal links on each page of your website to prevent dead ends. Additionally, creating a positive user experience through website structure can improve your SEO strategy. Make it easy for users to navigate through your website and provide users with relevant information once they click-through to a page. Avoid duplicate content at all costs, and remove unnecessary characters from your website's URL.

5 Tips to Creating an Unbeatable Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ad Campaign

In order to create successful Facebook ads, there are some important tactics to keep in mind. This article outlines three tips you can use to earn a positive ROI on your Facebook marketing efforts. Keep your ad copy strong and your offer compelling by thinking outside the box and eliciting an emotional response in the user -- but avoid ads that are too salesy. Focus more on conversion rate and less on vanity metrics such as clicks and social engagement.  Lastly, ensure that you are testing and optimizing your ads to build the best possible campaign. Test your ads by breaking down each element into categories such as design and targeting, and optimize your ad creative to boost awareness or drive conversions.

How to Make Your Website a Powerful Marketing Machine

Website for marketing

Marketers and business owners often forget to think of their website as a sales tool. However, your website can drive sales both online and offline using optimization tactics and digital marketing strategies. Choose images for your website that are high quality and relevant -- but most importantly, your images should encourage the user to take an action. Use images to make the user aware of your products or services, and use call-to-actions to drive conversions. Encourage trust in users through case studies, customer stories and testimonials. Lastly, create shareable content that is well researched and relevant to build your brand and drive conversions.

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