This Week In Internet Marketing 2017 01 10

This Week In Internet Marketing 2017 01 10

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting and helpful articles from across the web. We’re looking at tips to make great Expanded Text Ads, as well as common misconceptions about backlinks, and how to improve your SEO strategy in 2017. We’re also looking at tips to write "bookmark-worthy" content,  as well as common reasons why your website is experiencing a high bounce rate.

Guide to Expanded Text Ads: Tips on How to Work With ETAs


Google is quickly transitioning from Standard Text Ads to Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). In order to maintain the success your paid search campaigns, it’s important to understand the benefits and best practices of ETAs. ETAs allow you to share more information with users, enhancing communication. This article suggests experimenting, testing and optimizing elements of your ETAs to see which perform best. Focus on writing compelling ad copy to fit the longer description space, and continue to use your knowledge of Standard Text Ads. Make good use of all URL path options and include keywords in your headline and descriptions. Continuously testing your efforts will ensure that your ETAs are successful.

Backlink Myths You Should Ignore

Backlink Myths

Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy. However, misinformation about backlinks could have a negative impact on your efforts. “Nofollow” links can, in some cases, have positive results for ranking – however, stick to good quality websites and gain links in the form of blog comments, bio lines and more. Additionally, a large number of links can improve your position in SERPs compared to a smaller number of high quality links. Google prefers a diverse backlink profile, including more than just extremely high quality links. Lastly, gaining a link to one page on your website can improve the value of several pages, and mentions of your business, brand or website name without a link will still be viewed positively by Google.

Five Quick Tips to Boost Your SEO in 2017

Tips to Boost Your SEO in 2017
Improving your SEO strategy in 2017 will require you to reexamine your marketing goals. Focus on creating relevant content that proves valuable to your audience. Use insights about your readership to create content that answers their common questions, and examine your best performing topics. Lastly, use industry news and timely topics to beat out the competition. Improve user experience to drive traffic to your site. You can achieve this by fixing broken links, eliminating duplicate content, improving on-site navigation, boosting page speed and more. In 2017, focus on optimizing for visual content such as videos and infographics. Continue to experiment with new platforms – but be sure keep all information about your business or brand up to date.

6 Straightforward Steps to Create Bookmark-Worthy Content


Creating content that keeps readers coming back for more can boost engagement, drive traffic and ultimately help you reach your goals. Your content should be actionable, valuable, engaging, shareable and more. Brainstorm topics using competitor insights, and create a short but powerful title and make a specific promise to the user. Use credible sources and thorough research when writing, and include visuals such as images and videos. Copy edit to refine your copy and add additional value. Lastly, promote your content on social media, link back to your article through guest posting and use other Internet marketing strategies to boost engagement online.

10 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate


There are a variety of reasons why your website might have a high bounce rate. This article outlines 10 of the most common reasons for a high bounce rate. Slow page speed could cause users to become impatient and leave, however one or more of your pages could also have a high bounce rate because the content fulfilled the needs of the user, causing them to leave shortly after reading or taking an action. Users could also be quickly bouncing off a page if your title tag or meta description are misleading, or if your page is experiencing a 404 error or is blank. Bad backlinks, low quality content and poor user experience could also lead to a high bounce rate.

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