This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 11 01

This Week In Internet Marketing 2016 11 01

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the best and most helpful articles from across the web. We’re looking at the benefits and drawbacks of cross posting on social media as well as how to build quality backlinks, and common PPC campaign mistakes. We’re also looking at blog writing strategies, as well as how to use lead magnets on your website.

Cross-Posting on Social Media: Should You Do It?

Cross-Posting on Social Media

Cross-posting is a common practice for many people looking to engage users across a variety of social media platforms. However, scheduling the same content to be posted to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, for example, can offer both benefits and drawbacks. Cross-posting can help you to quickly and easily maintain your activity on all social accounts, generating engagement and exposure for your business or brand, for example. However, it’s important to create content specifically geared toward each platform. For example, users on Facebook are looking for different content than users on LinkedIn. As well, users who follow you on multiple platforms might view your content as “spammy,” negatively impacting your brand identity. This article recommends, instead, to use a cross-promotional strategy – using one piece of content that is promoted on other channels.

6 Smart Ways to Get Quality Backlinks for SEO

Quality Backlinks for SEO

Growing organic search traffic is a crucial part of the success of your digital marketing strategy – and link building is an effective means of achieving SEO results. However, earning high-quality links can be a hurdle. Writing highly targeted guest blogs can help you to generate links back to your website, and using PR tactics, such as press releases, will help you earn links from the media. Tactics such as broken link building, in which you offer websites with 404 links an opportunity to link to your content, and writing skyscraper content by building on older, popular content with fresh, updated information will help you to drive traffic. Create useful resources in your niche for websites to link back to, and identify the sites giving backlinks to your competitors and use those same methods. Use the above tips to build quality links that grow your ranking on SERPs and drive website traffic

Why Did Your Last PPC Campaign Fail: 5 Most Common Reasons


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Generating a positive ROI on your PPC campaign can be hindered by common, preventable mistakes. Avoid bidding on broad-match keywords and keywords that waste the majority of your budget. Instead, spend your budget on high-value keywords. Improve your ad copy by considering searcher intent, and ensure you keep any promises made in your ad. Don’t break the conversion funnel by sending users to your home page or an unrelated landing page from your ad. Measure your campaigns with a focus on ROI using tactics such as call tracking, and expand your budget to allow for testing. Lastly, ensure you’re spending time optimizing your PPC campaign regularly.

An Essential Guide to Writing Blogs That Win

Guide to Writing Blogs

Blogging is crucial to the success of your SEO campaign – and this form of content is becoming more and more popular among businesses and brands looking to grow their online presence. However, with so much content flooding the Internet, it’s important to be well-researched and strategic in your approach. Blogs that generate a great ROI should focus on long-tail keywords, and the writing should be authoritative and trustworthy. Write short, unique meta descriptions including relevant keywords, and incorporate engaging visual assets in your articles. Lastly, consider enlisting help with the creation and execution of your blogging strategy.

8 Types of Lead Magnets For Your Website

Lead magnets for Quality Leads

Lead magnets are an offer you make to a user in exchange for their information. Lead magnets are effective in generating a large number of quality leads and promoting your brand. In order for this strategy you be successful, you need to offer something highly-valuable to the user.  This article outlines 8 types of lead magnets to engage customers. Try content baiting to encourage users to offer up information in exchange for informative, interesting content such as infographics, reports, case studies and more. Downloadable widgets, surveys and live demos are all great offerings for users. Host a webinar or offer users a free trial of your products or services, and hold contests for users and offer special deals. All of the above magnets will help you to generate leads and, ultimately, conversions.

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