This Week: Extend Your Content’s Shelf Life, Master Branding, and Develop a Mobile-First SEO Strategy

This Week: Extend Your Content’s Shelf Life, Master Branding, and Develop a Mobile-First SEO Strategy

This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most engaging and enticing articles from across the web. We’re looking at extending your website content's shelf life, as well as developing a mobile-first strategy, and improving your social media strategy. We’re also looking at mastering branding, and competing against big brands in PPC.

Tips to Extend Your Website Content's Shelf Life


As soon as you publish content on the web, unfortunately, it becomes old news fast. This is why you need to be sharing new content with your audience consistently and keep up with the trends online so that your content reflects the interests of the modern reader. Stoney deGeyter gives us 7 ways to keep content fresh while continuing to see value from the content you push out. His tips include using evergreen content, optimizing every post, linking to older posts, redirecting old content, and replacing an article if need be. These tips will ensure that your content remains king for as long as possible online, without having to completely revamp the post.

The 5 Best Tools to Develop a Mobile-First SEO Strategy


These days, people are reading content on their mobile devices more than ever. Because of this ever-growing trend, SEO should be prioritized for mobile. Clark Boyd shares that "[m]obile searches now outnumber desktop queries, and mobile advertising spend is projected to exceed $100 billion worldwide this year." With this being said, Clark shares 5 tools to help create the best mobile strategy for SEO including SimilarWeb, SEMrush, Google mobile-friendly test, Screaming Frog, and more. Check out these tools and ensure that mobile is integrated into your current SEO strategy, as mobile is the future.

Is Your (Lack Of) Social Media Strategy Killing Your Business?


LaKesha Womack explains that social media is a free tool for businesses to market to their consumers, but it only works if you have the right strategy. Unfortunately, many brands make social media mistakes that can lead to major social media fails. LaKesha explains the importance of avoiding cheap or ugly graphics, inconsistent design and content practices, and dismissing your online community. Social media can be a great tool to market your business to a new audience, but you have to keep up with the ever-demanding social space with a strategy to keep your brand consistent.

Branding Has Never Been Harder. Here’s How To Master It


With advances in technology, branding strategies have shifted. This article highlights key trends in the future of design and how the definition of branding is expected to evolve. The purely decorative design is sure to go out of style, and a wave of cutting-edge design tools doesn’t necessarily mean progress. It’s important to base UX design around communication and the core of human behaviour. Lastly, stay ethical in the midst of new technologies, like AI, and be open to ambiguity in your branding strategy.

How Your Small Company Can Compete Against Big Brands in PPC


Small to medium-sized businesses often have to compete with big brands in paid search. This article offers some tips to drive a high ROI from your PPC campaigns in a competitive space. Make sure to stay informed on competitor ads in order strategize effectively, and optimize your ad copy to include your competitive advantages over big brands. Work with a PPC team that can help you achieve results within your budget, and make your website a top priority – allocating funds for a redesign if necessary. With these tips, you’ll stay competitive with the biggest brands in your vertical.

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