This Week: Competing PPC Strategies, Downvoting on Facebook, and AI in Email Marketing

This Week: Competing PPC Strategies, Downvoting on Facebook, and AI in Email Marketing

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This week in internet marketing, we’re covering Competitor’s PPC Strategies, Facebook’s downvoting feature, and the partnership between Google and Getty Images. We also look at ways to implement a successful corporate blog with the use of visual elements, and look at ways artificial intelligence will revolutionize email marketing for marketing professionals.

5 Key Things Worth Analyzing in your Competitors’ PPC Strategies

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In this article, author Daria Voronina discusses reasons to keep tabs on your competition’s PPC campaigns. Researching the competitive landscape can provide you with fresh ideas, boost creativity, and help revitalize a campaign with new terms, keywords and phrases. She recommends analyzing seasonality of keywords, taking inspiration from ad copy, enriching your campaign to suit mobile and desktop searches, and looking at your competitor’s organic vs paid strategies. Any Insights you discover will help you make more informed decisions to get the best impact from your efforts.

No, You're Not Getting a Facebook Dislike Button (Yet)

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If you’re hoping that Facebook will introduce a thumbs down button, you’re going to be disappointed. Facebook announced last week that it is instead testing out an option that will allow users to downvote comments on posts. Basically, it’s a quick way to report and flag an inappropriate comment with a single click. As Facebook aims to boost authentic and genuine engagement, this new feature will the help discover what content people like. While downvoting can give users the means to flag comments that are antagonizing or mean-spirited, the downside is that it could reinforce groupthink.  Henry Franco explains, “If everyone in the group disagrees with an idea, that doesn’t necessarily make the idea wrong, but it may be hidden nonetheless.”

Three Ways AI Will Revolutionize Email Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic these days and as Kyle Hendrick explains, machine learning could be used to predict the most effective content, frequency, and offers for each of your individual subscribers. It can help to determine a winning combination of factors to help maximize your conversions. In content, AI can alleviate a lot of the time an email marketer spends working on A/B testing. When it comes to timing and frequency, AI can automate to each user’s preferences and habits. For promotions, AI can help drive sales by tailoring offers to each subscriber. While some are still ideas, it’s an exciting time for email marketers.

Google Image Search to Make Copyright Disclaimers More Visible

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Less than two years after Getty Images filed a complaint against Google accusing them of promoting piracy and copyright infringement, the two companies have come to an agreement benefiting both parties. Google announced that it will be updating its image search results to make copyright disclaimers more prominent. Direct links to the URLs of copyrighted images will be removed as well. As part of the partnership between Google and Getty, Getty Images will license their content to Google for use in their products and services.

The Five Most Important Visual Elements Required for a Successful Company Blog

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Blogs are one of the best ways to share valuable information with your consumers because they build trust and develop your influence as a brand. In fact, 61% of US online customers make purchases based on recommendations they read on blogs. If a company blog is part of your branding strategy and campaign, you’ll want to read Robert Katai’s tips for best practices when it comes to visual elements. Articles with images get 94% more views than plain text articles, so what are the five most important elements according to Katai? Branding elements (logo, blog name, colour and typography), featured images, author biography, and call-to-action images, and social proofs. These elements combined will help you be recognizable, credible and shareable.

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