This Week: AdWords, Boosting Instagram Presence, and SEO Myths

This Week: AdWords, Boosting Instagram Presence, and SEO Myths

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This week in internet marketing, we’re covering predictions for paid search, tips to boost your presence on Instagram, and debunking common SEO myths. We're also looking at ways to promote your blog content using social media and how to improve your email program for 2018.

Automation, AdWords and Amazon: Ashley Fletcher on the Future of Paid Search

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2018 promises to be a big year for Google, given its recent announcements, and for Amazon too. Ashley Fletcher, VP of Marketing at Adthena and former Product Manager at Google, looks at the landscape of automation, AdWords, and Amazon in this article. Fletcher predicts that Google will offer campaign targeting for smart home hubs in AdWords. With Amazon becoming a destination site for consumers, he also expects Amazon’s Shopping to be on the rise. As he notes, “The low CPC and high ROI currently available through Amazon Shopping makes now a perfect time for retailers to get in on the platform.”

12 Ways to Boost your Instagram Presence

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There are over 25 million active business profiles on Instagram making it the best tool to showcase what you have to offer. You may not become an overnight success but Adina Jipa has narrowed down some tips on how to boost your IG game. Be active, not only with your audience but within the community as well. Use captions, and be sure to reply to every comment. Interact with other businesses and Instagram accounts-the more support you show, the more well-known you’ll be.

15 SEO Myths That Just Won't Die

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Kristine Schachinger is debunking common SEO myths that just won’t disappear. In this article, she tackles SEO knowledge, content, the importance of page speed, and key words (just to name a few). SEO is not voodoo or magic, she states. Rather it’s knowledge combined with a solid understanding of algorithms and what it takes to be in compliance of those algorithms, even as they change day-to-day. In addition to dispelling misconceptions, she also offers insight and tips such as adding 2-3 blog posts a week to keep your site relevant without adding the demands and costs of continually updating pages.

4 Unconventional Ways to Promote Blog Content on Social Media

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With new tools being introduced on social media platforms, it’s time to get creative with your blog content sharing strategy. David Zheng covers four ways to promote your blog content on social media. He recommends using either using the Facebook Live feature or just static videos to tease about your blog content. The most consumed content on Facebook is video (watch time for Live broadcasts has grown by more than 4 times) making these two options great to talk about your most recent blog topic and then offer up a Call to Action to read further. The goal is to drive them back to your content. He also suggests creating Instagram stories and engaging on Snapchat.

Make 2018 a Great Year for your Email Program

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Jose Ceriban covers ways that a company can take stock of its email program and how by implementing a review, you can improve your email game. During the decluttering phase, cut emails that don't generate the outcome or revenue that you expect. Review automated emails and cut reporting to one source. Audit the User Experience; evaluate the process once a new person signs on to your distribution list. Update creative and style of your email template and test its results. Ceriban recommends mapping out the process so each stakeholder understands the process of getting an email out the door.

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