This Week: Your 2018 SEO Focus, High-Quality Content, and PPC on a Budget

This Week: Your 2018 SEO Focus, High-Quality Content, and PPC on a Budget

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This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most insightful and engaging articles from across the web. We’re looking at Facebook cracking down on engagement baiting, as well as your 2018 SEO focus, and knowing if your content is high-quality. We’re also looking at PPC budget strategy and web design trends for 2018.

Facebook Cracks Down on Engagement Baiting


Writer, Roger Montti informs us that Facebook is now cracking down on Engagement Baiting. This means that any Facebook pages that are soliciting their followers to interact with their posts will be demoted. To avoid being demoted, Roger outlines the five types of engagement baiting that will get you into trouble including vote bait, react baiting, share baiting, tag baiting, and comment baiting. Ensure that you read up on the Facebook Newsfeed Guidelines to protect your Facebook posts!

Why Your 2018 SEO Focus Should Be Brand Building


In 2018, brand recognition will be critical to getting clicks, and Brad Smith explains why this is the case in his article above. Brad explains that if your brand is not well known, you are missing 30+ % of organic clicks. In summary, it's evident that Google gives established brands special treatment, and, to amplify your SEO strategy in 2018, your brand needs to stand out. To keep up with Google SERPs, invest your budget wisely and make brand awareness a priority.

7 Ways to Know if Your Content Is High-Quality


Content may be king online, but if your content is not the high-quality content readers are looking for, your content will be lost on the web. You may hear about "high-quality content" frequently without knowing what it actually means. Larry lists seven phrases that define quality including "quality is defined by data" and "quality content ranks well in Google." It's time to use the data you have to find the content that is performing well on your site. These insights will be a formula for you content success!

PPC Budget Strategy: Tips for Success on a Limited Budget

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In this article, Tereza Litsa explains that you don't need to have a huge PPC budget to make a big impact. Tereza outlines a few points to make the most out of your PPC campaign including setting clear goals for your campaign, being strategic with your budget, and performing keyword research. These steps and more make up the recipe for a successful PPC campaign on a budget.

10 No-Nonsense Web Design Trends for 2018


Web design is ever-changing, but Ben Davis predicts a few trends that we will likely see on the web in 2018. These trends cover the death of flat design, video, subtle scrolling effects, and mobile animation. Looking closely at mobile animation, it is now being used as a tool to interact with customers, creating complex interactions during the customer's purchase journey. Marketing is becoming smarter, so web design has to incorporate new ways to make the customer's user experience as enjoyable as possible. Will your web design keep up with the trends of 2018?

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