TWIM: SSL Certificates, Brand Reputation, and SEO Tactics to Master for Web Design

TWIM: SSL Certificates, Brand Reputation, and SEO Tactics to Master for Web Design

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This week we're covering why your web site should be converting to HTTPS and the importance of an SSL Certificate, how to build manage your brand repuration using social media, and how to design a website incorporating SEO strategies. We also look at how ways a PPC campaign can be turning away legitimate traffic to your website and creating a mobile-friendly content strategy.

What is an SSL Certificate and How It Can Help Your Website

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You’ve probably been hearing a lot about SSL recently, especially if you should be converting your site to HTTPS. The answer is a resounding yes! Effective July 2018, Google will mark any site HTTP sites as not secure and what that means for your business is a warning that could potentially turn away site visitors. An SSL Certificate is the S in HTTPS – Secure. It lets your visitors know that your site is safe, secure, and legitimate. The green padlock signifies that any data such as logins or transactions will be encrypted. As a consumer, are you likely to make a purchase or stay on a site that is flagged as not being secure? This is why having an SSL Certificate will not only boost your sales and conversions, but bolster SEO too. There are three types of SSL Certificates to purchase and this article covers which one is right for you, your business, and your budget.

6 Dimensions of Online Reputation that Should Guide your Social Media Marketing

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Brand reputation management starts with social listening and monitoring. This is where we, as users, primarily encounter brands and their messaging. Social media is interactive and users have proven to be anything less than shy about expressing themselves. But brand reputation reaches far beyond carefully laying out content posts. It is how an organization handles conversations with its audience in the comments and replies to those posts. In this article, Mark Traphagen covers the six dimensions of reputation, according to Reputation Quotient (RQ) and how businesses can use each to build a better reputation online. Using Social Media Responsibility as an example, it’s becoming increasingly important for consumers to be aligned with an organization that is positively impacting society. By using social media, a company can identify what causes are important to it and are an extension of its culture/values.

How to Create Mobile-Specific Content Campaigns For Mobile-First Index

Mobile Content Marketing

With more content being consumed on mobile devices, it is no wonder that Google is migrating sites over to mobile-first indexing. With mobile-first indexing, more emphasis is going to be placed on the mobile version of your sit. In fact, it’s going to be viewed as the primary version. If your business relies on a content marketing strategy, now is the time to shift your focus and create mobile-specific content. Neil Patel offers a few simple methods to create mobile-friendly content to ensure you don’t get left behind. Start by creating content that is easy to read. Short paragraphs, making use of white space to focus the reader, and implementing lists are formatting changes you can easily make now to your content. Create mobile-friendly videos that will engage your audience and motivate them to share is another. Optimize your site’s page speed to be able to load faster. And lastly, use mobile pop-ups responsibly.

Hidden PPC Traffic Killers

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Contributor Andrew Goodman discusses five different ways that your PPC account can be blocking out traffic and limiting growth. If your campaign is implementing a dayparting strategy, meaning your ad campaign will be displayed at certain times of the day, you could be losing out on consumers that are actively searching for solutions during “off-hours”. In this case, ensure that those users can find you and consider loosening your bids so that ads are eligible to be shown 24/7. Additionally, take into consideration time zone differences. Another way your PPC account can be turning away traffic is with IP blocking by using a click fraud detection service. You could be blocking out legitimate customers since ISPs assign the same IP address to a multitude of users. Other methods Goodman discusses are failing to use broad match and shutting off bids based on geography.

Ten SEO Aspects for Web Designers to Master

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Web design choices can impact a site’s SEO and performance. But keeping in mind these ten areas of SEO will ensure that your website will both be attractive and functional. When it comes to site structure, don’t break down your site into too many layers (subpages). Keep URLs short and use hyphens for better readability. Make a responsive, mobile-friendly design your default design mode and keep site speed fast— both will impact mobile-first indexing. Keep site navigation easy for visitors to navigate and optimize your images. While these tactics by Amanda DiSilvestro focus heavily on designing for SEO, it’s important to realize that a beautifully designed web site will keep visitors on your site. Helping them find the solutions they need means more time on your site and ultimately keeps bounce rates low.

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