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This week we're covering Snapchats introduction of 6-second unskippable advertisements, the importance of indexing site audits, and new features coming to Gmail. We also look at best practices surrounding Ad Wordscampaign structure and tips for content producers.

Snapchat Preps Test of Unskippable 6-Second Ads

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Snapchat is making news again with two platform announcements last week. The image-sharing app will be testing ads that users cannot skip through and they have launched version 2 of their Spectacles. The introduction of 6-second ads, dubbed Commercials, aims to strike a balance between appeasing ad-buying clients and its users. The platform has been hesitant to introduce ads that can be perceived negatively by their users; most admitting to almost always skipping through ads. But if timed and targeted properly, Commercials can be helpful to consumers during the buying process. As for the release of the Snapchat Spectacles V2, the new and improved wearable glasses are more fashionable, water-resistant, and higher quality. They are easier to sync with your phone, come with a sleeker case, and most notably, the yellow camera ring is gone.

Content Production Tips for 2018 & Beyond

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It is estimated that there is 4.5 billion web pages live on the internet. It is evident that as internet consumers, we are overwhelmed with content as brands look to capitalize on long-tail keywords and SEO ranking strategies. As a content producer, how do you get ROI on such a saturated market? Avoid competitive and broad topics that your competitors focus on. Look for niche, and emerging trends to build content around. Use tools as Google Trends and Google Alerts to help spot opportunities. Another way to get your content noticed is through private sharing. So invest in strategic partnerships that can help you access new users. Focus on quantity and quality. Given how easy it is to publish content, make sure you set a high standard of quality that helps engage your readers and encourage them with CTA’s. Lastly understand your customer, and create content for them. Reliable and useful content for your customers will help promote more links and shares, and help increase your reach.

The First Steps of your SEO Audit: Indexing Issues

SEO Audit

Your site must always be indexed in order to rank and so Janet Driscoll Miller looks at reasons why indexing is a key part of any SEO audit. If a page or site can’t be read by a search engine, how can it be ranked after all? Miller lists the top reasons for a page not being indexed as Meta Robots tags, improper use of disallow in robots.txt file, not updating XML site map, and JavaScript. Check your robots.txt file and your Meta Robots tags for any directives that are preventing any page from being indexed. Google Search Console is a great tool to use to pin point any errors within your robots.txt. file. Update your XML site map with any content that is being created, since it provides a search engine with a listing of your pages to be indexed. If using JavaScript on your site, it’s important to note that search engines may not be able to read your page like a visitor would. Using the Fetch and Render tool in GSC will help you see if Googlebot can see the content in JavaScript.

Why Campaign Structure is the Killer Competitive Advantage

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An account’s campaign structure can impact a number of variables, including bid optimization. Revisiting a campaign structure, although seemingly basic, is a best practice approach to keep a leg up on the competition without increasing bids or budget. A few tactics in reviewing structure, according to Jason Tabeling, is increasing Quality Score. Even when differences are so minor, creating new tightly-themed ad groups will result in higher quality scores. Clearly written ad copy may seem obvious but you should ensure that it is persuasive and specific to ad group keywords. The more direct and specific to keywords, the higher relevancy and response rates. Most often overlooked, a campaign structure can render your bidding efforts useless so it’s critical to revisit them consistently.

New Gmail Features are on the Way, Including a Confidential Mode That Lets Users Expire Messages

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Google is rolling out a whole new design and app integrations to its Gmail service. The new look will include a nudging feature that reminds users to respond to messages and create high priority notifications. It will also suggest unsubscribing to newsletter that you are not engaged with, and smart replies that help users respond to emails quickly. A snooze feature will also be added to help users put aside un important emails, and give the option to open attachments or RSVP without opening an email. The most anticipated feature coming to Gmail is the confidential mode. Which gives users the ability to restrict certain emails to be forwarded, copied, printed and can expire after a certain time period. Some of these features have already gone live, in which many Gmail users have already had access to. Other features are soon to be available to a limited number of G Suite, and consumer Gmail users.

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