TWIM: Improving Page Speed, PPC Landing Pages, and Social Media Influencers

TWIM: Improving Page Speed, PPC Landing Pages, and Social Media Influencers

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This week we're covering ways to improve page speed, targeted PPC landing pages, and things we can learn from social media influencers. We also look at tactics to recover from poor performing content and as well as five factors that cause online businesses to fail at a staggering 80%.

Common Mistakes and Quick Fixes to Improve Poky Page Speed

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More than half of mobile visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. There are three common causes that cause the speed of a page to slow down and Janet Driscoll Miller breaks down how you can easily fix these issues. Image optimization is a quick way to help with page speed since larger images take longer to load. There are many online programs that can shrink the size of your images without sacrificing quality. Another common cause is unused JavaScript in a page header. If JavaScript is only needed on one page, ensure that isn’t found in the headers throughout the site, as that element will still need to be loaded even if it’s not used. Lastly, minimize third-party assets such as social sharing buttons, trackers, and video player embeds. Because you don’t have control over how fast these items will load from their server, if they are slow to load, your page speed will be affected. Use them only when necessary.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips that Businesses Can Learn from Influencers

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Aaron Brooks covers five tactics that social media influencers are using and how you can apply them to your social media strategy. Keep your look and theme consistent as this will help your content stand out and become recognizable to your followers. Use analytics to learn about your audience. The more you learn about them, the better you can customize your posts, from optimal posting time to best performing posts. Create content specifically for the platform that you are posting on. Work with the platform’s algorithm—if a follower comments on your post, make sure that you keep the conversation going to help boost reach. Lastly, video, video, video! Video is king when it comes to building up an influencer. It offers endless ways to connect with audiences in a quick, captivating way and so make this as part of your social media presence.

What to Do When Great Content Falls Short of Your Content Goals

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If you’re creating content but it’s failing to deliver and perform, here are a few triggers that you can review to determine the cause of low web traffic or conversions. A primary reason your content could be failing is the SEO landscape. With the constant changes, make sure you are always adapting to the current environment by performing regular SEO audits. Having an inaccurate buyer persona can also be cause for content failing. Content needs to be relevant to your target customers. You need to understand them and ensure that the data you have about your customers is current and accurate. Another potential problem is that you may have a gap in your content to carry your customer throughout the stages of a conversion. Lastly, your competitors may be impacting your ability to convert. Pay careful attention to what they are doing and shift strategies accordingly.

How Targeted Do You Need to Make Your PPC Landing Pages?

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Landing pages are important and can have a massive impact on a campaign. Pauline Jakober explains the four things she learned from working with a client over a number of years. Don’t just focus on the pre-click PPC elements (ad design, keywords, etc). Landing pages are your workhorse—they can generate leads, convert a visitor, and engage with your target audience. They are important so give them the attention they deserve. The world of paid search is ever-changing so don’t be afraid to re-visit content that didn’t work before. Jakober’s case study demonstrates why, “When we tested landing pages with videos before, they performed worse than pages without videos. But when we tested them again, several years later, the reverse happened”, she explains. Read on for her findings about targeted landing pages.

5 Most Important Factors for Success in E-commerce (Make Sure You Hit These)

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80% of all E-commerce businesses fail because customers don’t know how to use your site, hidden shipping costs, unknown product value, and poor navigation. Understanding that customer expectations are quite high for online businesses, Jonathan Cabin recommends that businesses take into account the following 5 factors in order to increase the odds of success. Branding—your values need to align with your customer’s values. Stand for something and let your audience know what that is. SEO—Conduct keyword research to bring customers in. UX—ensure that your pages and CTAs can guide a customer through the entire purchasing stages. Transparency—build trust with your customers by disclosing any hidden fees or shipping costs, providing reviews, and listing contact information. Engagement—get active with your customers on social media or via a blog.

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