TWIM: Facebook’s Watch Platform, Google Exploit, and Mobile Checkout Conversions

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This week we're covering Facebook's recent announcement about video monetization, a newly discovered negative SEO attack, and strategies to increasing mobile checkout conversions.  We also look at the importance of Google Search Console for bloggers, and how Conversion Rate Optimization can help amplify your company's paid search and social initiatives.

Facebook Outlines New Video Monetization and Promotion Tools, Focusing on Facebook Watch

TWIM April 24 Social

Facebook continues its push to become a bigger player in the video platform market. In order to get users onto its Watch platform, Facebook announced new updates covering best practices, promotion tools and monetization options. To incentivize video creators and publishers, the platform is launching Preview Trailers, Pre-Roll ads, Ad Breaks Auto Insertion, and Pre-Publish Brand Safety Check. Along with monetization options, Facebook also announced recommended best practices for creating better content. The recommendations include: setting and fulfilling the creative expectations of viewers and establishing a release cadence. Facebook also intends to pull videos that don’t provide value to its users, for example videos with static or minimal movement.

Google Search Console Techniques for Bloggers

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Google Search Console is a free tool that is underutilized by bloggers. Its features can provide you with valuable insight into underperforming content, and what you should be optimizing to improve SEO and search performance. A great way to use GSC is to identify pages with low CTR and implement minor tweaks to help boost it. Tweaks like optimizing page titles, descriptions, URLs, and adding Schema Markup are just some ways to optimize a page’s performance. GSC is a great resource for keywords searching and planning. With some analyzing, it can tell you exactly what keywords you should be focusing on to achieve higher rankings.

Google Exploit: Canonical Negative SEO

TWIM April 24 SEO

A new SEO attack was discovered by Bill Hartzer of Hartzer Consulting, and unlike typical attacks, this one did not involve linking or link building. What makes this new attack sophisticated is it’s virtually undetectable. A victim’s website isn’t being hacked, instead the attack works by copying a portion of your website and putting it on a spam webpage, including the canonical tag. The canonical tag tells Google that the spam page content is the victim’s webpage resulting in falling search rankings. According to Roger Montti, “Google is remaining silent on how they intend to proceed to close this exploit in how Google ranks and de-ranks web pages.”

How to use CRO as a Power Boost for Paid Search, Social Ads and SEO

TWIM April 24 PPC 1

Svitlana Graves breaks down how Conversion Rate Optimization can help you get results from paid search, paid social, and SEO, turning your clicks into conversions.  With regard to landing pages, CRO can improve the user experience by making it more compelling and user friendly. It can determine which pages are the best for paid traffic to boost conversions and which minor tweaks to messaging can increase the quality of leads.  When it comes to paid social, CRO is just as beneficial by helping create compelling ad copy and a landing page. Read on Graves’ real examples of how CRO helped businesses increase their conversions.

What You Need to Know to Increase Mobile Checkout Conversions

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With Google’s Mobile First Indexing, we need to make sure that our websites are ready so as not to be affected in search rankings. Even if research shows that users access the web on a smartphone the most, the numbers for mobile checkout conversions just don’t correlate. Suzanna Scacca looks at barriers that impact a potential customer’s buying decision on their handheld device. Amongst the top five reasons for low conversion, security is the largest one. To combat this, placing trustmarks such as an SSL certificate or a security software logo will help to build trust. Read on for more examples of how making changes to the checkout process can push a user along the seamlessly and convert them into a customer.

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