TWIM: Facebook’s News Feed, Keyword Research Tools, and Online Customer Reviews

TWIM: Facebook’s News Feed, Keyword Research Tools, and Online Customer Reviews

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This week we're covering Facebook's F8 Conference, generating fresh content ideas, and keyword research tools. We also look at using Google Autocomplete for SEO strategizing and how to solicit positive customer reviews for your business.

How Facebook's News Feed Works - and What's Coming Next

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Facebook’s F8 Conference was held last week and during a keynote presentation, VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri discussed the platform’s algorithm and the shift to push content that inspires engagement among users. He broke down the four factors that determine what a user sees: inventory, signals, predictions, and score. Inventory is explained as the content that could be shown in a feed based on the people and Pages a user follows. Signals determine how likely a piece of content will be important to a user. Predictions are just that, the algorithm predicts how likely a user is to engage with the content, and lastly the Score factor assigns a number to the value of the content. Stories was another area of focus during the F8 Conference. Facebook is experimenting with the feature by way of Profile Picture Stories, Birthday Stories, Group Stories, and Event Stories. Read on more highlights and coverage by Andrew Hutchison.

The Best Alternative Keyword Research Tools

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Keyword research used to consume much of a marketer’s time but today, there are tools that can make the task much easier and simpler too. Keyword research is a fundamental part of search engine optimization strategy and if you want your site to rank well, you need to understand how to conduct keyword research. Ann Smarty details seven tools that you can utilize in your keyword research and the best part is they’re free! Ubersuggest, Google Correlate, and Keyword.Guru are just three examples. Ubersuggest can be used for both content research and keyword research tool and will give you a list of related searches, volume, and CPC. Google Correlate “works by taking searches and correlating them with trends happening both on the web and out in the real world.” If you’re looking to research what is popular across all search engines and not just Google, Keyword.Guru is a great tool. Simply start typing and be provided with suggestions based on what people are searching for at that time. Read on for the full list.

Where to Find Ideas for Content Your Audience will Love, Look at and Link to

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Content is constantly changing to meet the needs of an audience and the SEO landscape. Creating engaging and creative content is important so what do you do when you’ve run dry on ideas? Jeremy Knauff suggests looking at a number of different sources for inspiration. Resources like Quora, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Comments Sections, and FAQs all provide valuable information to pull from. By diving in, you can discover what your audience is thinking and more importantly how. As an industry professional, it’s easy to lose perspective because of being so involved in the topic day-to-day. What you need is a fresh perspective—the way an outsider views it. Knauff strongly recommends being active in groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Not only can you position yourself as a expert, it will give you access to content ideas and the foundation for engaging content.

Google Autocomplete & SEO: What You Need to Know

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Google Autocomplete is a powerful tool that can be used to leverage content ideas, keyword suggestions, intent exploration and online reputation management. Because the tool offers suggestions based on real searches in real-time, it’s a great foundation for keyword research, especially long-tail phrases. As marketers know, long-tail phrases are more specific and targeted and offer many content opportunities. Autocomplete can help you understand the user intent stages surrounding long-tail keywords too. As for online reputation management, the negative connections on Autocomplete can be detrimental to a business. How likely are you to eat at a restaurant whose prediction ends with E. Coli? As a local example, Torontonians can search the restaurant Antler and Autocomplete will predict “protest”. Sam Hollingsworth insists on being vigilant when it comes negative Autocorrect predictions and offers strategies on how to combat them as well.

7 Strategies to Promote Positive Customer Reviews for Your Brand or Business

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Customers are your company’s best marketers and businesses that build up positive reviews have a better chance of converting a potential customer into an actual customer. As competition online continues to grow, soliciting positive reviews has become even more important. “According to BrightLocal, 85% of consumers trust online reviews are much as personal recommendations” so Sophia Bernazzani breaks down what businesses can do to encourage customer reviews. Creating different spaces for reviews such as Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Amazon provides customers with different options to leave their feedback. Optimizing your website for reviews and creating incentives for your customers are also good tactics. Offer customers a discount or coupon as motivation to leave a review. Other best practices include: soliciting reviews at the right moment during the buying process, targeting review requests based on where your customers are, and asking open-ended questions.

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