TWIM: Facebook Page Optimization, Voice Search for Local Businesses, and UX Writing

TWIM: Facebook Page Optimization, Voice Search for Local Businesses, and UX Writing

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This week we're covering ways to optimize your company's Facebook Page, how local businesses can prepare for the future of voice search and how "user-centric" language can help a business reach its goals. We also look at incorporating different media formats into your content strategy that go beyond a blog post and how Instagram Stories can help to increase your reach and audience.

How to Completely Optimize Your Facebook Page

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A Facebook Page can be used as an extension of your website and reach current and potential customers. Victoria Edwards lists ways you can optimize your Facebook page to get the most out of the platform.

The first is to optimize it for SEO—include keywords throughout the Page’s copy and in posts. Include a call to action (CTA) to encourage users to interact with you or learn more about your business. Managing customer reviews and comments is a great way to show off your customer service. Messenger is another method to provide customer service but be warned, these features shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s recommended that a business have a solid strategy in place to manage comments and reviews and answer them in a timely manner.

Other ways to optimize your Page include adding location pages, keeping business hours accurate, adding a profile and feature image, organizing Page tabs, and claiming unofficial Pages.

Beyond the Blog Post: 6 Content Formats Your Audience Wants

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While blogs may be the foundation of your content, not every customer is interested in reading. Emily Gaudette lists ways you can go beyond your blogs and provide customers with different formats to consume your brand content.

Infographics can visually present data and information in a language that everyone can understand. They typically bring in a larger audience than just a written piece so ask yourself if you have any company/industry info that can be turned into an amazing visual graphic. Shortform videos can be used to add timely updates from your business and to inject personality into your content. These are the videos you’ll often come across in a news feed that are muted and captioned.

A study from Arkadium revealed that 78% of respondents prefer text to incorporate media components so be sure to add in a mix of any of these elements to your content: longform video, print, event content, and podcast.

7 Instagram Stories Ideas to Get More Followers

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With over 300 million users viewing Stories and “one-third of the most viewed Stories” coming from businesses, the question isn’t should you be using this feature but how you can best use it to gain more followers. Olga Rabo offers up seven ideas on how to create Stories in a way to make your business stand out.

Story Highlights are a great addition to your profile. Use it to introduce your brand or business to a user that lands on your profile instead of relying on a short bio. Adding Polls to a Story gives you the chance to not only engage with your audience but conduct some research too. Use them to find out what kind of content your audience is looking for. Stories takeover is a new trend rapidly on the rise on Instagram. Businesses partner up with an influencer and have them take over the account for a day (as an example) and produce exclusive content. This kind of promotion will bring in a larger audience and drive more traffic to your Stories. Creating GIFs, templates, and seamless mini-videos are other ways to boost your Stories and to expand your reach.

It’s Time for Local Business to Take Voice Search Seriously

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Jamie Pitman provides tips on how your business can prepare your website for the future of voice search. According to research by BrightLocal, 75% of smart speaker owners perform searches for local businesses on a weekly basis. With the announcement of Google Duplex not too long ago, voice search is clearly here to stay and should be taken seriously.

Start by researching the kinds of low-intent questions your target audience may have and create content that answers those specific questions. Your content needs to be easy for Google to understand and present in the right format. Improve your business’ standing in local search packs. Make sure that your website content is relevant to the searches that you want to rank for and that your business is being talked about positively. Lastly, get familiar with the technology! Purchase an Amazon Echo or Google Home and use the technology to better understand it from a customers’ perspective.

UX Writing: The Case for User-Centric Language

TWIM May 29 Misc1 min

If you were to ask what is the biggest challenge with websites today, you likely wouldn’t guess it has anything to do with words. Surprisingly though, the language on a website can often reflect a business’ own understanding of their products/services instead of from a user’s perspective. Copy can be laced with terms that are entirely unknown to a customer. “User-centric” writing can help with your business goals and so evaluating the language on your website is just as important as any other UX element.

Words can draw people in, add a human element to the experience, provide customer service, and guide a visitor to help complete tasks. They can also help with an imperfect interface and increase the chances of a user exploring more of your site. Alana Schroeder looks at an example of creating copy for a health care website and offers tools on how you can test the language on your site, apps, and other digital products.

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