It’s True, You Really Can Generate Leads Online And Here’s How

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Most businesses struggle with the same overarching issues, the most common of which is the constant need to generate new customers while continuing to service the existing client base.  Generations of marketers have worked tirelessly to achieve this seemingly simple goal of “lead generation” for businesses of all sizes.  Marketing tactics ranging from billboards and bus signs to newspaper ads and tv/radio commercials were and still are quite popular.  These marketing techniques focus on potential customers viewing an advertisement compelling enough to take action at a later time. Typically these campaigns require large budgets for what is commonly referred to as “branding” campaigns that offer little in the way of tracking or data collection on their target audience.

Branding Is Great... If You Have A Brand!

Branding is not so great if you’re a local business owner looking for ways to increase your sales volume and grow your small to medium business who value ROI and Return on Ad Spend above exposure.  Taking out a TV Ad could be useful, and even beneficial. But how many of those new customers are at your doorstep from that TV spot?  Which TV spot on which channel did they see?  If the campaign is successful, how can you replicate that success?  Truthfully these metrics are difficult, if not almost impossible to track.

Direct marketing through digital channels offer advertisers access to a highly targeted audience, large-scale data collection on those audiences, and opportunity for true and directly attributable return on ad spend (or ROAS).  This opportunity dictates that provided you’ve enlisted the help of skilled Internet Marketers who are experts in their field your advertising efforts will be successful, eventually.

I Didn’t Say It Would Be Easy…

Just because the tools at the disposal of today’s online marketing professionals offer these targeting and tracking capabilities, doesn't mean you should expect to see a positive ROAS in month 1, or even month 2 of your campaigns.  However with time comes data, and with data comes educated decision making.  Once enough traffic has been generated and data has been collected pragmatic decisions based on that data can be made to improve key metrics like Cost Per Lead or CPL.

The Future Got Here 10 Years Ago

Performance marketing, lead generation, and direct marketing have been used to target you and me as consumers for quite a while, and the more time we spend in front of our screens each day, the more opportunities there are for advertisers to reach us.  A compelling ad showing at the right time, to the right person, is the goal of every marketer and has become a more attainable goal for businesses of all sizes thanks for advertising platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.  These platforms offer everyone the opportunity to reach a specific target audience of their business using a Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost per Impression / Cost Per Mille(CPM) and more recently a Cost Per Action (CPA) model.  The CPA model allows advertisers, after a long enough period of data collection, the opportunity to pay only for new leads generated that have taken specifically predetermined actions such as filling out a sign-up form on a website or calling a phone number. While this is ideal it isn’t always possible, and so CPC and CPM models are still the standards for buying and selling ad space online.

In short, enlisting the help of dedicated professionals, like TechWyse, is the best way to ensure your internet marketing campaigns achieve desirable results.

It's a competitive market. Contact us to learn how you can stand out from the crowd.

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