Top 5 Landing Page Optimization Tricks to Get Conversion

Top 5 Landing Page Optimization Tricks to Get Conversion

Conversion is a common goal of every kind of business owners. Moreover, when you develop an app, the conversion becomes the bull’s eye for you. You leave no stones unturned to increase your conversion rate and generate a good revenue! In that quest, you may do a few things which may not even be required! People often get into the wrong shoes when it comes to boosting the conversion rate of their mobile application.

But what they miss is that most of the times, the problem lies in the landing page of the mobile application! Yes, if your landing page is not optimized enough, you will be less likely to create an impression on the users and get the exposure you are aiming at.

Make one thing very clear that it’s the anchor text that your landing page is the reason which lets the users decide whether they will be staying on a page or leave. And the decision is taken almost instantaneously after looking at your page and using it.

The good news is if you know how to optimize your landing page for better app conversion, it will be an immensely easy process to follow. Often, it’s a huge task and sometimes a few tweaks do the wonder.

In this article, we are going to discuss the proven techniques to optimize your landing page for more app conversion.

Get a Good Structure

According to a leading website design company in Kolkata Intlum, a good structure is the foundation of an optimized landing page. Once the structure is nailed, all the other things will automatically fall into place and if you successfully create a good structure, working on the rest aspects of your landing page optimization will be a lot easier. There will be three main components of your landing page that would collectively make a structure:

  • Headline
  • Body
  • CTA (Call to Action)

The images should always be included but eh main fundamentals will be the above three elements. While the headline will convey the users regarding the offerings of your store or app, the body content will convey the benefits of using the app and the CTA will do the rest of the job by captivating people to do the next required job.

Add Video on the Page

According to several statistics, there can be 86% boost in traffic and conversion when a video gets added to the landing page. Well, it’s a win-win situation since the video integration is not a difficult job as well as 86% hike in conversion is literally a dream come true! In fact, Dropbox speculated the power of video from before and thus, they created their landing page based on just a video. Some of the individuals may be sceptic about video saying that the video would cost a mountain. But when you look at Dropbox’s video, you would find that the video immensely affordable and aesthetic as well! It was a DIY video with a great scope of engagement since it was creative, animated, engaging, and fun!

A video can explain large matters in minutes without taking too long and this can help you explain the subject-matter of your application to your audience quickly. What thousands of texts would fail to convey, video can convey that in a far better way and at a rapid pace! So, your audience is going to visit the other pages once they get to watch a video on your landing page.

Multiple Payment Options

One of the most common demands of customers when they interact with an online store is more than one payment option! It allows them to choose the payment option as per their preference and liking. According to the latest news and research reports, 50% of the online shoppers are intended to abandon the cart if an online store does not offer the payment option they prefer. Moreover, the studies also raised a fact that 40% online shoppers feel confident while shopping online when they find multiple payment options listed on the store they are shopping at. So, what you need to do is making a clear statement on your landing page that you receive the payment through various different payment options which can be availed by the users who are willing to shop from your store.

Customer Testimonials are Must

Most of the eCommerce store owners have been seen not including the customer testimonials on their website! But the testimonials can boost your business like nothing else can and it’s proven. One of the most significant aspects and requirements of every online business (especially, the eCommerce store) for great conversion is earning the trust of the online shoppers. Remember, they cannot see the products they are purchasing.

So, it’s your duty to stimulate them to make the purchase and that’s the reason why customer testimonials are considered to be one of the gems! When you include the customer reviews on your website along with their names, it surely makes the new visitors of your site feel they are on the right place where the products are awesome and customers are valued! So, your landing page should always contain some amazing reviews by your previous customers in order to inspire the new consumers to make a purchase.

Make the Headline Outstanding

There are probably a million of articles stating and teaching how to create a perfect landing page headline that offers conversion. Quite surely, you have encountered the words like ‘Free’, ‘Today’, ‘Change Your Life’, etc. But the problem is, catchphrases change along with the audience. You need to act with the taste of your audience. So, take a look at your audience, the analytics, and determine where your audience is mostly coming from. Suppose, your majority of traffic is coming from Facebook. So, your headline should always match with your advertisement’s message. Otherwise, you are going to lose a lot of traffic and conversion!

So, these are the finest tricks to optimize your landing page in order to make sure that you are getting the right amount of traffic, exposure and conversion for your business through the landing page. Always remember, landing pages are made to increase conversions and thus, you need to make sure that the landing page is optimized enough. Otherwise, you will lose everything before even you realize!

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